One Yukkuri Place

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Continued from anko1691

Part 2

A week ago, Marisa and Reimu were happily awaiting the birth of their child. Marisa sung a song that tells the child to come out quickly or it won't be able to take it easy, and when Reimu demanded to know why she did so it, Marisa said that she can't take it easy with the child if it's inside Reimu.

As Reimu's in shock, Marisa started pushing against Reimu's belly while singing her song. Then Reimu started to give birth, and despite telling the ko not to come out, it does. At first, Marisa and Reimu are confused, since Marisa's hat landed on top of the baby and it is moving around with the hat on it.

Marisa finally retrieved her hat, but she also identified the hybrid as an uneasy yukkuri, and hits it with her braid when it made noise. As she's about to kill it, Reimu rammed her. Marisa claimed that since the yukkuri doesn't let Marisa take it easy, it's not Marisa's child.

Reimu reminded Marisa that she was the one who kept pestering Reimu, and that there was another child that died before being born because of that. Reimu does rub-rub with the child, then claimed she will care for it. Marisa doesn't want to help raise it at first, but Reimu beats her up with a vigor that doesn't suit one who had just given birth.

Afterwards, the child received a name. It reacts the most to 'Maimu', despite not being able to say anything other than 'yu'. Marisa later comes back from hunting, and after a question about Marisa's abilities as a hunter, she told Marisa to eat one of the things she brought back. Having begged her parents to help gather food to propose to Reimu, Marisa hadn't realized that one of them had poison inside.

Reimu has realized that Marisa's claims of being a great hunter when she came wooing was a lie, and recalled that she never saw Marisa during the hunting classes. All the gathered food... SUCKS. This is why Reimu has been chasing Marisa to gather lots of food; if the premature ko couldn't have good food, she would make sure it would have a lot of it.

Back in the present, the clan has realized they killed Reimu after hearing only Marisa's side of the story, and are now glaring at Marisa, who doesn't realize what she has done wrong.

Patchouli pronounces Marisa a 'Deibu', and when Marisa protests, Patchy explains that a Deibu is a yukkuri who steps over all other yukkuris so that they can take it easy alone, and that since most single mother Reimus are like that, the term Deibu was coined. She then casts Marisa out of the clan.

Marisa tries to defend herself, looking at the crying but glaring Alice, then at Reimu's murderous parents, then at the clan, none of which emphasizes with her. The clan beats Marisa up and throws her out.

As Patchy is about to crush Maimu for being an uneasy yukkuri that the clan doesn't need, she suddenly sees the supposedly dead Reimu, who approaches her and the other yukkuris, telling Patchy that she definitely won't forgive any yukkuri who won't let her child take it easy. Alice, coming back after disposing of Marisa, sees a fainted Patchouli and other yukkuris with Maimu saying 'yukkuri' next to her mother's corpse.

In the end, the story is passed on down through the clan. If a koyukkuri misbehaves... DEIBU WILL COME! This story has led the clan to become one of the easiest ever. And no one can confirm whether the elder of the clan wears a black hat with a red ribbon.

Illustrations: see anko1691