One Yukkuri Place

Read the rules before proceeding!


Based on Kirisame Marisa


*Black witch's hat
*Braid and ribbon


*One of the two most common yukkuris, along with Reimus.
*Tomboyish. Has great faith in its power ("The great Marisa.")
*Almost always take the husband/father role in yukkuri pairings.
*Commonly paired with Reimus.
*Go out "hunting" for their families, by collecting plants, bugs, and garbage, and use their hats for storage.
*Dosuyukkuris are often Marisas

*Can use their hats to float on water. Those that do are called Aquatic Marisas
*A unique variation is a Shell Marisa.
*The deibu variant of Marisa is a Bawiza


*DA ZE at the end of sentences. NO ZE and NANO ZE are also common variations. A common tendency of shitheads.
*Marisa-type koyukkuri slur the ZE part as JE.
*Some works portray DA ZE Marisas as a unique subspecies.


*Red or Black bean paste