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Yukkuris in Jars


Story is about an Anon who keeps baby yukkuris in mini-terraniums made out of coffee jars.

The Reimu is kept in a jar with soil with a few growing plants. A close look reveals the green color of mold on its feet, and after experiencing her scum character, Anon is looking forward to the time when the mold starts to bother it.

The jar filled with sand contains an Alice, and he leaves it outdoors on sunny days with little water. Although it initially showed raper tendencies, its active lifestyle has tired it out, and its mouth is too dry to speak, so it just looks up at the lid as though wanting water.

Another jar filled with round pebbles holds a Patchouli. Though the stones are smooth, their hardness has resulted in the yukkuri crying a lot. It referred to itself as a sage, but its knowledge isn't helping. Anon notes that it could have sat on its hat, but it hasn't thought of that idea, and simply continues to weaken as it cries.

A baby Marisa is in a jar filled with water. Although it's a Marisa that can handle being on water, it had another Marisa with it that fell into the water. Because of that, it is too scared to sleep, forcing itself to stay awake to avoid the same fate. Anon thinks that as yukkuris, they should just seize the day.

As he watches, Marisa flaps its braid at him and begs for help. Anon just smiles and taps the jar slightly, scaring the yukkuri.

Another jar bears a Koreimu, which is growing big enough that its sides are nearly touching the jar. Anon only gives it food, and does not clean up its messes. Seeing him, Koreimu demands sweets from its slave, and he gives it what it asked for, plus seconds.

Actually, the sweets were two baby yukkuris he was raising in another jar, who had died of hunger. With Koreimu estimated to grow to a size where it'll get stuck by tomorrow, Anon plans to put starving baby yukkuris inside, and let them experience a brief moment of happiness as Koreimu gets eaten without being able to move.

A jar painted black contains a single baby Alice. Apart from feeding time, when light comes in through the jar's opening, it stays in darkness, only able to hear the muffled sounds from outside. Though it initially made a lot of noise about 'not being city-sect', its voice has been weakening of late.

In his fridge, there is a jar. Inside it is a baby Marisa, along with a bit of food and 2 pieces of tissue paper. With the winter-simulated conditions, it has wrapped itself in the tissue paper, and licks the food as it shivers. Unlike the others, the only food Anon will give it is already in its jar; once it is finished, that's it. Baby Marisa licks the sweet and wonders when mister spring will finally come.

Anon had told it before putting it into the fridge that when spring came, it could take it easy. Though it adheres to that belief, Anon has no intention of taking it out. The yukkuri this time is smarter, eating its food in small amounts, and has suffered in the cold for many days because of that. Finding that pitiful, Anon left sweets just outside the jar where it can see, making it bite and lick at the jar. It will continue to wait for spring until it dies.

The last jar contains yet another baby Marisa, with a pile of accessories belonging to the baby yukkuris that died in that jar, and nothing else. Anon tried giving it honey before, but it refuses to eat. The baby Reimu that was in the jar previously survived by licking the honey off the accessories, but eventually went maniacally insane and died because of the smell.

Anon watches as the Marisa mumbles a question about its current situation, remembering how it tried to appeal to him with its cuteness when he bought it back then, and comparing it to the state it is in now. Chuckling, he puts the jar back onto the shelf.

All these jars have shown Anon various different ways of living, and he wonders what breed of baby yukkuri should he get next and what sort of setting should he provide it with. He decides that he probably won't get bored of this hobby anytime soon.

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