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That's Common Sense, You Know?


Narrator was going on throughout the story about Sanae types lacking common sense, Reimu types as the standard yukkuri. The Reimu and Sanae were taken in by the narrator to be raised as pets. Reimu was actually meant to be a pet, while Sanae was a stray. As time went on, Reimu turned arrogant and hostile while Sanae remained sweet and courteous.

The curry segment was a humorous segment. Reimu demanded the "shitty slave" for food, but after finding the curry "poisonous" (spicy) she assumed it was meant for Sanae. Who, to her surprise, not only can tolerate the curry, but finds it delicious.

The bath segment was another funny part. Reimu had demanded that the "shitty slave" kill the "uneasy liar", and had assumed that that tub of warm water was meant to drown Sanae in, even though it was obvious that the narrator meant to give her a bath.

Later on, the narrator brought in more yukkuri pets, and have the two raise them. Reimu was a horrible model yukkuri, while Sanae... well, according to Reimu, "was a totally uneasy liar who does not have the common sense to raise kids properly".

Apparently, what Sanae's "lack of common sense" meant was common sense as defined by yukkuri. This resulted in Sanae "mutating" (growing a body) because of her "uneasiness".

The narrator decided to promote Sanae-types as pets, with the help of the now-bodied Sanae to teach the pets they will raise and sell.

As for the Reimu, his original pet, he decided to "reward" her by sealing her anyaru and mamumamu with flour, then dumped her in the alley (possibly the same alley where he found some koyukkuri for them to raise earlier).

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