One Yukkuri Place

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Attempt at raising Water-Yus without experience


Story starts with Anon getting chewed out by the store owner; apparently all his yukkuris so far have been dying, and he has come back to try once more at raising yukkuris capable of living near water, hoping to become their god.

He gets a lively Marisa, a weakly Reimu, a tsundere Alice, and a Sage Patchouli, bringing them back to his home and reviving them with OJ. During their first meal, Patchy steals Reimu's share, and gets scolded for it by the others and him. Anon decides to segregate Patchy away from the others. He finds himself liking Marisa's good judgment.

Reimu, despite her weak body, proves to be a great singer. On the other hand, Patchy's singing is horrible when she tries to show off, forcing Anon to revive the other three when they go into a panic while swimming. He tells Patchy he's God, to which Patchy replies she's Christ, but she can't answer the question he poses her. In the end, he gives her a book to study, hoping it'll distract her enough.

Alice has decorated their nest well, and the other two are happy over it, while Patchy thinks her messy nest is better. When Anon feeds them, Patchy complains that the other bunch has more, refusing to believe that they get more because there are more of them, and Anon decides to just ignore her. Reimu suddenly speaks up and says she'll give her food to Patchy, despite the other two telling her she should eat to get better. He decides he likes Reimu's kindness and Alice's tsundere character.

Patchy says she's reflected on her wrongs, asking to get put back with the others because she's lonely. Despite having some doubts, Anon does so after Marisa and Reimu vote Alice down, and finds that they get along well.

Anon happens to wake up early, and finds Reimu uncharacteristically in the water instead of on the land, and realizes she's close to death. Though he tries to save her, it all boils down to Reimu, so he goes to check on the other three.

They immediately notice that Reimu is missing, and Patchy says that Reimu went for a walk, insulting Reimu as the other two mourn. She adds that Reimu said that Reimu would give all her food to Patchy among other things, and Anon shares a look with Alice. Anon puts Patchy aside in the other aquarium again.

Patchy is awaiting her beatiful yukkuri when Anon comes, and he gives her... a raper, and Patchouli is left on the verge of death, by Alice, who was actually pretending to act like a raper. Anon first gives Patchy some sweetened coffee, then dumps 'Screaming Yukkuri'-type coffee on Patchy.

The other two are melancholic over Reimu, but suddenly they hear Reimu's singing voice; she has recovered, and Anon brings her back to the other two for a happy reunion. He later explains things to the store owner, and decides that although he couldn't become the yukkuris' god, he didn't really mind.

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