One Yukkuri Place

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Sponging off parents


It starts with a parent Reimu playing nursemaid to a bunch of koyukkuris; feeling the urge to sleep, she warns them not to go too far, and they agree. Later, one Koreimu that was napping near her pees itself, and runs away due to the smell.

Koreimu ends up running into a pair of women, and overhears one of them talking about her son cooping himself up like a NEET. Later, she asks the woman what a NEET is (she addresses the woman as Big Sis, flattering her without knowing it), and the woman tells her that it means staying at home and relying on your parents all the time. Though the woman says that being a NEET isn't easy, the description of the lifestyle makes Koreimu decide to become a NEET as well.

Eventually, NEET Koreimu grows up. She never ventures out because she's not good at active stuff, and relies on her parents to bring her food. They try to talk to her about moving out (from outside the box, since she has grown so fat she takes up the whole cardboard box), but the adult Reimu insists she's a NEET, therefore they have to provide for her. Unwilling to spoil her easiness, her parents give in to her demands.

Then one day, NEET Reimu hears yukkuri screams, and comes out to see a human carrying her parents' accessories. Calling her fat, he tells her that he crushed her parents, prompting Reimu to scream about her NEET life. Taken aback, he asks her what she thinks a NEET is, and shoots down her answer by telling her that being a NEET is to cause trouble for one's parents.

NEET Reimu takes a while, but she finally realizes how she prevented her parents from being able to take it easy by being a NEET. Reading it in her expression, the human tells her that he was one for a while, but the act of punishing an invading yukkuri family provided the fun stimulus to snap out of it.

He takes NEET Reimu's ribbon, kicks down her house and leaves, saying his imagination will be enough. (Yeah, the picture shows Reimu with her ribbon still) This results in Reimu starving because she can't hunt enough for herself, suffering the elements because she has no home, and overall being unable to take it easy.

She dies slowly, constantly regretting the life of easiness she had.

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