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Yukkuri in Toilet


Near the end of Golden Week (a long holiday for Japanese people), Anon returns home to find a Marisa-Reimu couple in his apartment, having broken his window to enter.
As they demand sweets, Anon pulls his leg back, and kicks Marisa so hard that she crashes through the glass.
He knows his landlady will scold him for this, but he doesn't regret doing it.

Seeing that Marisa is dead from the impact and the glass, he turns to Reimu, who asks to be spared because she's pregnant.
Hearing that, he brings her to the toilet, and spreads open her mamumamu, pushing her body until a baby Reimu pops out. (He tells her that she's poop, so if she's going to let out poop, she should do it in the toilet. And that he's going to help her since she's 'constipated'.)

Impressed by the way the baby yukkuri splattered into the toilet bowl, Anon checks Reimu and sees a black hat. Once again, he forces Reimu to launch it out, and baby Marisa makes a nice arc as it soars through the air, only to land right in the toilet bowl.
Reimu tries to save her children, sticking her tongue out to reach them.

Anon tells her that she should wash her butt after taking a dump, and uses a hose to spray water at her mamumamu.
Hearing that she's enjoying it slightly, he turns up the pressure, which results in Reimu swelling up as water mixes with her paste.
He then notices that baby Marisa is still alive, and informs Reimu.
Just as Reimu's celebrating, he forces her to expel the 'enema', washing off baby Marisa's hat, hair, and skin.

He repeats the enema over and over, until Reimu keeps going 'yu, yu, yu'.
He then show her that baby Marisa is still alive (twitching, but half of its body is already gone), and Reimu stretches her tongue out...

Then Anon flushes it all down.
As Reimu moans in shock, he tells her that she'll follow her child.
After all, shit is shit, and should go down the toilet.
Though the cleanup later was troublesome, Anon feels refreshed, and is ready to tackle his job tomorrow.

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