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Holy Night of Falling Stars


Marisa is living together with a guy and a girl, and manages to identify the guy despite him coming in dressed as Santa based on his height. They have cake and drinks, with Marisa acting a little spoiled, and later exchange presents; Marisa gets a muffler.

Later, as the couple are kissing, Marisa dives between them in order to rub against both of them, insisting she wants to kiss them both. Displeased at the interruption, the man puts Marisa out on the veranda with her muffler so that she can stand the cold, and shuts her out.

Bearing the cold, Marisa appreciates the starry sky. She spots a shooting star, but realizes too late she failed to make a wish. She spends the rest of the night waiting for another, and finally manages to wish for happiness for her owners and herself.

The next morning, the woman finds the frozen body of Marisa, and calls the man over. He makes a bitter smile, then throws the corpse away into the bin, and they return to continue the events of last night.

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