One Yukkuri Place

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Tabletop Abyuse


A Komarisa hails Anon, telling him that she's easy and that he should let her take it easy. He grabs her, applies glue on her feet and sticks her on a piece of paper on top of a table, playing 'Take it easy' on his handphone to keep Komarisa responding and not moving.

After checking that she's stuck down, he picks up a cutter and slashes her, then staples it up. He repeats it on the other cheek, thinking it's funny that it says it's going home when it has no home.

Next, he stabs her with mechanical pencil lead all over, then sprinkles her with some orange juice, and gives her a caramel. She happily chews it, then realizes it's gumming up her teeth. He sticks a pair of scissors inside, and slowly forces her mouth open, ripping a few of her teeth out of their roots.

After that, he takes her hat and uses a hole puncher to punch holes into it. Then while she's sobbing over her situation, he presses down on her head while her tongue is sticking out, sticking her mouth closed. He grabs some black coffee, and drips it on her outstretched tongue. The shock of it makes her piss herself, and Anon plugs up her peehole as punishment.

Tiring of her, Anon is about to roll up the paper and chuck it into the wastebin when he thinks of a new idea. Komarisa renews its struggles when she sees what he's going to do... Anon thanks Komarisa for letting him take it easy.

The next day, he meets a Marisa who greets him. Since he feeds her sometimes, she's quite relaxed around him. This time, he gives her the remains of the Komarisa, and she starts chomping on it, but suddenly screams in pain. Anon suggests that maybe there's a small bone inside, and Marisa begs him for help.

Actually, it's the shards of the cutter knife. Anon dumps the leftovers of yesterday's dinner into Marisa's mouth and forces it shut, stapling it closed. He then dribbles it to the convenience store, and deposits it into the yukkuri bin after thanking her for letting him enjoy himself.

Illustration: post #19167