One Yukkuri Place



Trololo said:
One of the koreimu is killing adults
This koreimu seems to be able to kill them by itself
Interviewing it away from the group one on one sounds like a fucking brilliant idea.
Just saying.

Yea it's, but is useless. If you are a killer, what would you do? Act as a normal (ko)yukkuri. I dont think that Reimu is so stupid too tell Marisa she is the killer. Or maybe im wrong at some point...

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  • Trololo said:
    Seeing how close the entrance of the park is to the next I'm kinda questioning how they didn't notice.
    I mean, sure, Yukkuri aren't the most intelligent of creatures, but I thought that they were able to recognize man-made objects (so long as they weren't disguised)

    I think they live here from the very-very start. I mean, they were noth even born so they dint know what is door and such. And yukkuris dont care about sky and many other things. Guess...

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  • This guy is great! This is how man torture a yukkuri! ;)
    Pain, Pain, and more of it! ;)
    And let him live, heal her/he, and starting over with it. *grin* >:]

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