One Yukkuri Place



That's the reading I get, but it's not a real word by itself, "maru" is a common ending for names and names often use alternative readings. *shrug*

Also, speaking of sources, there's no source link.

JusticeItEasy said:

Haha, I appreciate the sentiment, I just needed some time to relax and see out for my health, now things are going well in general.

You've been having health issues too? Damn. Glad to hear things are getting better though!

TosylChloride said:

I seriously think you should go study and get at least an N3 certificate or equivalent in Japanese proficiency before taking on a translation job of any size; otherwise a small error in your translation can derail a whole idea.

This is why I stopped translating: I can't even N5 after five years. Sorry for being so stupid! >_<

coolyo294 said:

Sue me, they didn't have the gem on their chests so I didn't think they were okuus. And I can't read japanese.

You don't need to speak Japanese to see that they have ribbons instead of hats, black wings and white capes. Though the artist's style is pretty unclear, I'll give you that.

Canttakeiteasy said:

I am not bitching about it. What are you on about?

First: Take it easy.

Second: the FF crowd consider anything more violent than a Disney cartoon to be abyuse. So yes, complaining about "edginess" is exactly what the anti-FF/anti-abyuse rule was put in place to stop. All nitpicking does is start flame wars, so please don't go there.

Third: Yukkuri are pure fanon. If 9th doesn't agree that all Utsuhos must be "stupid, slow and fragile flying explosive bombs", that's cool. We have examples of that already.

If you do, that's cool too. Go ahead and depict them how you like.

Pool title translates to "Stray Utsuhos". Or maybe "Rural Utsuhos"; I don't have enough context to tell for sure.

In any case, whoever tagged these as Mystias may want to get their eyesight checked.

I need to get out from under this rock. I'm late for freaking everything.

Belated paru-waves for being able to draw a Minoriko in 50 minutes better than I can draw a Reimu in five years.