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If you're doing a tag search like morutarou while logged in, you should see a combo box under the search box, labelled "Mode". Change it from "View" to "Tag script" and another text box will appear. Any tags you enter here will be added, any prefixed with a minus sign will be removed. Then click on each post you wish to edit, queuing up as many as you like. Make sure you switch back to "View" afterwards so you don't keep editing by accident, as it gets saved between searches.

Be very, very careful doing this, as it's easy to mess up. If you do, click on Changes in the blue bar at the top and hit "Undo" on each edit you wish to revert. Each edit is labelled with a username so it's easy to find which ones are yours.

Happy mass-tagging!

Is んだ slang or something then? I vaguely recally knowing this already, but it's been ages and I don't know where I learned it.

I think it's saying "You made dessert as well of course?" but if it is then either it knows less about Japanese grammar than I do or the artist made a typo, because that's not a real verb.

Marisa's speech is too much for me, but I can interpret and de-slur the handwriting for smarter folks:




The bag is full of ultra-spicy jelly beans. See the previous page:


That's cool, but, uh, all the other tags here are in Japanese name order, so it should be komano_aunn...


I can't read Chinese, but there's no kana so I think it just might be. Definitely the right style too.

Miss zidana? Mister heptoct? =(