One Yukkuri Place




"More than Sanae, big Satori..."

should be

"More than Sanae, big sis Satori..."

For that matter, every single reference to Satori has "onee-chan" attached, even ones translated as pronouns. I don't like including all of them since it's superfluous in English and makes the TL even more unwieldy, but stick 'em in if you like.

TL;DR: japanese honorifics are a pain in the arse to translate.


Yup, onee-chan = big sis. I even had it that way in my tl notes, what the hell did I write that for...

Rough TL:


[SFX: Eyu eyuu!]

"Satori was throwing up, seemingly in pain..."

"She was living next to Sanae..."


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[SFX: Dizzy...]


"More than Sanae, big Satori..."

"Was given her last chance by the store owner yesterday..."


Buy me!?

Buy me!


"...after having let out that big cry, she was immediately taken from her home by the shop asisstant..."


"And then, after being forced to take some white medicine..."


"Limp Satori was wrapped in mister blanket and placed in a box..."


"Luckily, a different man placed that box in a car and went somewhere..."

"Little sis..." ["onee-chan"]

[SFX: Bang!]

Glad to be of help... I can't draw to save my life, so I feel like a fifth wheel around here. If no one beats me to it I'll go ahead and TL the rest of this but I'm working on some original stuff over on yufanfics as well so it might take me a while to find the time.

Ah, my bad... the kanji I missed was 笑(laugh), so the correct version would be something like:

"All the yukkuris in the shop look down on the laughing voices being raised..."

My grasp of japanese is truly awful, but since nobody more qualified wants to do it here's my attempt:

"Lots of babies with triumphant faces."

Reimyu'sh showwy for being sho cute!

Showwy for [too slurred]!

"All the yukkuris in the shop look down on the [kanji I don't know]-like voices being raised..."


"...but those little babies..."


"Are pitiful babies that have been seperated from their parents for having bad marks..."

[SFX: Furious!]

Reimyu alsho [too slurred]!?

Widdle shish, Marisha will pwotect you...


"Grown up babies also... become what? ...I don't understand."


"But... waiting for nothing, Sanae is unable to help either..."



[SFX: Yugee...]