One Yukkuri Place



I'm a bit pissed off at this series of pictures. Basically, one kid doesn't like torturing yukkuris, so the rest of the kids pick on him and insult him for not having the same sadistic tendencies as them. So, they take outside, and force him to hurt yukkuris, to be accepted by the rest of the class.

It's like the bunch of idiots back at high school that kept on trying to get people in our class to go smoke pot with them in the bathroom, and if they refused, they would do things like hide their books, or fill their desk with trash.

And I don't really see how this is similar to behavior reinforcement with not following strangers or hugging a rat. Whereas the mentioned activities can result in your life being put in danger, not bullying yukkuri won't result in, say, you being killed, unless it's by the assholes that want you to submit to their ideas.

I remember seeing one of these turrets mounted on a vehicle on Future Weapons for the Discovery Channel.

It's powered by air pressure, or something like that.

Some of them also look like Gary Stus. Although that one with the burlap sack is pretty cool looking.

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