One Yukkuri Place



Mother Reimu knows that Yukkuri can't do anything against Human. But she keeps playing eliminate human with Ko-marisa to relief her pain about human.
Ko-marisa always thinks that she's professional at eliminate human. Oh poor Ko-marisa.

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  • The whole story is about Ko-marisa was trained by Reimu to eliminate human by hit the doll.
    When Anon come to crash their home Reimu apologise Anon if her annoy him.
    But Ko-marisa appeal to eliminate human just as be trained then so it's useless
    Anon realise from Ko-marisa's word "eliminate human" that Reimu was the Yukkuri that survived from City's Yukkuri Eliminating.
    And Ko-marisa training is just her play. Reimu get panic and say "Why do you know that?"

    Anon's rection as just we saw...

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  • "...yuguu...
    no, all of us!
    Let's all take it easy!!"

    I think this phrase from last panel means Reimu is going to give birth more babies.

    all of us means her, koreimu and newing born babies that's why Anon seems so glad.

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  • Panel1
    Nitori trained the yukkuri in world wide(global) style.
    And now let her say some thing.

    Panel3.. just what that you see.

    Marisa : oh... world wide(global)
    to the World of Yukkuri.

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  • I think his word's not end yet it may be 許すわけない that mean don't forgive.

    if that word is separated to "許す...わけない" it may be as "forgive...never".

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  • The word say that some yukkuri that develop itself expect for only eating will have core paste at the base of its tougue.
    reason is to have the sweet taste directly go to core paste for more it can feel sweet just bit more.
    but this type of yukkuri can easily die from hot chilly taste more than normal yukkuri by 190 times of chance.

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  • I think the story will end soon so let me draft for the story

    - early chapter is about pair of Marisa and KoMarisa come back to home and discover that the home is destroyed and Komarisa's treasure(glass bead) disappeared

    - next episode is about redeem of Marisa at night about the story before they survie only two

    - Marisa is Gold Badge Pet Yukkuri that have children with Reimu and try to ask Anon keep all of them as pet

    - Anon don't want Reimu and her children so he take gold badge from Marisa and kick them off his home say that if they can survive along this winter he will keep the rest as pet as just kidding

    - Marisa Reimu and their children go to Reimu's danbooru home Reimu claim that it's not as Marisa Promise her that Anon will keep them all as pet and force Marisa to take a lot of food Marisa take some donut from the shop and feed them Reimu still claim about more food Marisa say that Donut Shop Anon will not let the same twice Reimu decide to go with Marisa and children tomorrow

    - next morning KReimu don't wake up when the rest set to go to donut shop they leave KoReimu alone at home then so at the shop Donut Shop Anon take all of them to hell but with Marisa Skill of negotiation (begging for life) Anon let them go but he will destroy their home at this time Reimu is dead (but in another story Reimu suvive and take KoReimu from Home into Pon-de-Lion Home then dies there)

    - Marisa have Komarisa go to their home to save KoReimu from Anon that go to destroy their home but KoMarisa is too late just the treasure is left

    - the story come back to Marisa and Komarisa in morning Marisa found that KoMarisa is disappeared KoMarisa go to search for treasure but KoMarisa meet KoReimu(sister) fly out of some window(from Pon-deLion Story) KoMarisa recognize KoReimu and try to reach KoReimu but Pon-de-Lion come and kill them two Marisa come and see KoMarisa and KoReimu burst in to pieces

    - Marisa keep KoMarisa's hat for memorial the next day Marisa think Winter is over and Anon will do as he promise but when Marisa go to Anon's Home He already has new Gold Badge Alice along with him Marisa get away and try to take other Anon keep her as pet by announce that shi is Gold Badge Yukkuri but so noone believe Marisa drop KoMarisa's Hat and another Anon take them Marisa ask Anon to give back KoMaris's hat Anon say that Marisa must give her hat if she want KoMarisa's hat Marisa choose her hat and ask Anon to take care of KoMarisa's hat very well so Anon burn it Marisa try to stop the fire but her hat is gone ash along with KoMarisa's hat

    - after lost everything Marisa take a cup as hat and meet Anon's Gold Badge Alice and ask Alice to take it easy witj jer but Alice say no because Anon tell Alice to don't be friend with wild Yukkuri then marisa lost mine and rape Alice to dead

    - this page Marisa think Anon don't like Reimu and Reimu's Children but Alice's Children should OK then Marisa take a branch from Alice corspe and say to Anon to keep her as pet

    and so no need to predict next episode

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