One Yukkuri Place



Wait... yukkuris... intelligent enough to know how to use and spend the money they dance for?

That's honestly the first time I've seen this situation drawn.

All the more horrible and ironic then considering what happens to them in this story.

Sup fagz, I'm back.

...from all that I've seen, I'd think it'd be INCREDIBLY obvious for an owner to realize that their pet has been replaced.

with all the trouble and effort owners go through to discipline their yukkuris, it would be pretty obvious and easy for the owner to tell their original trusting pet from a replacement.

stuffing a koyukkuri into something so it smushes up against it= so fucking ridiculously moe it's not even funny fffff arghhhh AGHGHGHGHHH

I'd like some translations on the other middle panels of this, but I basically get the gist otherwise.

^ Oh shit

if they regenerate like that, the ecosystem's fucked.

Yukkuris will dominate everything

Traumatizing them to reinforce learning skills?

Since I see they're using OJ afterwards, it seems like a good method