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You can tell the system the specific tag type by prefixing it with "artist:" (or "character:" or "copyright:", as appropriate.)

It's a PNG file, not a GIF... If it was uploaded as a GIF, it would have been a GIF...

Where does it spam this? On the page or in a console or what? Screenshots would be helpful if possible.

Hopefully I got all of the ads.

As for the edit button, that seems to be a debounce issue. Still playing around with it.

BaronMind said:

Is the URL change permanent? I dunno if I should update bookmarks and stuff or not.

Hopefully not, but we have to wrest control of the old domain away from Dreamhost first...

In that vein, if you come across any pages that have huge walls of error text, let us know...

Yes, it's Danbooru 2 now, with all the upsides and downsides that entails.

I did try to get the old site working as before, but there were just too many changes on the backend (Ruby versions, Rails versions, etc.)

I am now moving the DB. Any new posts, comments, forum posts, etc. made after this one might not make the move.

I'm currently bulk-moving the images to the new server. Once this is finished, I will be able to move the database. ETA is 7-8 hours. Any image not currently posted will not be included; while I can manually move any new ones, it is kinda a PITA, so if you have images to post, maybe wait till the move's finished. Thx.

Ruukasu said:
If you're setting up a donation box, would you also accept any cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin or Dogecoin?

I've already vanitygen'd a 1Yukkuri address (well, close, more like 1YukkURi) :)

That's shared hosting... Combined with some rather unusual (to most vanilla sites) redirects in the httpd.conf file (stuff like "if they're asking for an image, just give it to them, don't run it through RoR, which is what it was doing for the first several months, making the site really slow and resource heavy).

Basically, as far as the httpd.conf goes, this site is hosted on a VPS, which means that several (like ten) other entities use it for their own site. If any one of those ten entities makes some change to their web server in their Dreamhost dashboard, it will re-write the httpd.conf file, and take this site down. (That is probably the #1 reason for downtime in the past, #2 being server restarts.)

Anyway, it's too late to do anything about it now; I'll see about doing something in the morning.

Wow... MD5 fails... or does it use SHA1?... Looks like it was PNG vs. JPG. I hope the other one wasn't around; I'd hate to think I completely wasted my time...