One Yukkuri Place



Instead of "Throwing this away", he should have said: "Doing throw-throw lots! Boy is a real gourmet! Sorry for being so cute!"

I think this is the first kiriraitaa picture without a peeing Yukkuri in it. I wish he drew more FF stuff.

I cannot really make sense of that "cry" on the end.

"The result of taking it easy is cry"

That's not supposed to be a "Z", but rather the Kanji "乙", commonly used in internet chats to mean the same as "GJ"

Nah, the Marisa would go to hell for not taking it easy, while the very easy Reimu would ascend to heaven. All Yukkuri know that, that is why they try to take it easy all the time.

The only parts I can make out for sure are "Look at Deibu" and "Hand over sweet-sweets". The rest are just guesses based on a dictionary search:

"Look at Deibu. Why don't you shitty old geezer rape us both and hand over sweet-sweets?"