One Yukkuri Place



Probability of Death: Incalculable
"MAIKAZE's anime sucks, easy! SOUND HOLIC's Touhou Project Side Story was the best, easy!"

Someone, please make a yukkuri with a pompadour. That acts exactly like a stereotypical Japanese street thug. I would pay for that.

>Yukkuris play D&D now?

Everything that opposes them gets automatic natural 20s, while their die simply burst for no reason, killing them and all their allies.

Despite the fact that Marisa is shit, the "Must hold out for kids...!" thing sorta redeems her.

But not enough. Bring on the death, Anon!

Come to think of it, you'd have to be mentally ill to spend hours browsing a site dedicated to disembodied beanpaste heads.

This explains most of the members here, myself included. -_-

Good god, SUN, don't tell them that doing something will cause yukkuris to die! That's just incentive for them to do it more, the sick bastards! D:

Kodoku- Alan Moore of Yukkuri.

I kid, I ki- Wait...

Couldn't take it easy over winter... Checked himself into rehab...

Fuck. Honest question: Are you my father?