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captperv said:

no, actually i divorced her

captperv used Divorce!

It's super effective!

Ex-wife is now single!

Ex-wife used Alimony!

Its Super effective!

captperv is now poor. XP

HankySpank said:

well he did say EX wife

It still means he went through with marrying someone that looked like a head-shaped pastry.
Or maybe..... It actually WAS a head-shaped pastry!


Having your brain pulled out through your vagOO; if nothing else, yukkuri sure seem to find a lot of new and interesting ways to die....

captperv said:

As a pastry the could be frozen and thawed again . . . Plus it is a fictional magic creature so any thing could work

The majority of works that feature yukkuri in winter, seem to have freezing = death for the yukkuri.

boom said:

lol, can't even count to 3.

You realize that that's true for like, 98.5% of Yukkuri in general, right?

Pun_Master said:

With the amount of abyuse they suffer, it must be really sweet honey

......I just pictured Winnie the Pooh ripping Yuuka's apart for the honey.

exitstrategy said:

I thought incest within the yukkuri kingdom is generally frowned upon, or is there an exception here?

IIRC, Yuuka's are sort of an exception, since Yuuka's don't usually have an accessory of some kind, other Yukkrui oft consider them to be 'strange' and 'uneasy'.
However, because they don't have accessories to begin with, they don't seem as 'uneasy' to other yukkuri as an yukkuri that lost its accessory would be.
Thus, they don't usually trigger the "Punish the Uneasy Yukkuri" reaction in normal yukkuri, but are still often ostracized/barely tolerated by the common types.
As such, they kinda breed within their own type outta necessity.
Or at least, that's what I gather, from my time on here....

As far as literal incest is concerned, not many works have touched on it, but it seems to be 'acceptable' in yukkuri society? It at least seems to be considered more 'acceptable' than mating within a yukkuris own type....

Didact04 said:

we don't know what that does to a human exactly, or how powerful dosu's actually are. (From what I've seen at least.)

In my time on this site, I've seen dosu Spark's vary from "gives humans a light sunburn" to "Melts Armored vehicles".
So, yeah, the power of a Dosu spark depends entirely on the author. So there is no standard, aside from maybe "Potentially dangerous".

Pun_Master said:

Which side would win ?
5 Kids with unbreakable pointy sticks V.S 10,000 Yukkuri ?

Given those kind of numbers, I almost said the yukkuri would win, but then I remembered how stupid the average yukkuri is.
So yeah, the kids would probably win, but only because the yukkuri are too selfish and stupid to realize, and carry out, the methods they could use to win.


The only thing that guy is accomplishing, is making himself look like an utter moron, or someone with significant mental issues.
Either way, until an admin decides what to do with him, its probably best to just ignore him.

Angelofdeath said:

Humans cruelity on yukkhri has to stop we will Exterminate all human in the universe

No anti-abuse comments on Abuse works, no pro-abuse comments on family_friendly works.
Those are the rules, please follow them.

Like Nagato would be the rapist I guess? But only for destroyer types.

Actually, I'd think it would be "BURNING LOVE" Kongou.
And Ooi would definitely be a rapist, but only of Kitakami's.

Cawa said:

i need to find who made this and file a complaint... or kill him

Gesuaki's Deibus are notoriously rage inducing, and also prime examples of the "Karma Houdini" with how they always seem to avoid the consequences of their actions.
If you hate Deibus, or even just yukkuri in general, I would strongly suggest avoiding Gesuakis works, as they may cause excessive rage.


Well now, this is unusual, usually its a pro-abuse guy that I have to remind to follow the sites rules.
No Anti-Abuse comments on Abuse oriented stuff, no pro-abuse comments on family friendly stuff. Please follow the rules of the site.