One Yukkuri Place



I'm confused! So we're getting a forum? If that is the case then I'm not going to do hard edits any more. I'll probably start doing original content.

"For the baby yukkuri's bed, an old towel should suffice. Once the baby yukkuri is placed into its cage and settles in, if it let's out a cry of happiness then please move on to preparing its meal."

"When transferring your baby yukkuri to her cage, be careful how much pressure you apply. A baby yukkuri's skin is extremely soft, so if you grip her too tightly, she can be crushed more easily than you think."

"Now then, once you've safely made it home with your baby yukkuri, your life with her can finally begin. On the following pages, I'll explain how to raise her."

"This page explains the various parts of a yukkuri. They're basically like this. I will explain in greater detail on the pages that follow."

"Did you find just the right one?* Now it's time to take the baby yukkuri home to be a new part of your family. A word of warning--you may be so happy you want to skip or dance all the way home, but you mustn't. A baby yukkuri's skin is very delicate and ruptures at the slightest impact. Suppress your delight so you don't end up disappointed when you open the box at home."

"Baby yukkuris--also known as "walking death flags." Why don't you [join us and] try raising one? First you need to get a baby yukkuri. Stray babies may carry diseases, so their death rate is higher and there's the fear that they could infect humans, so this time, let's buy them from a yukkuri shop. They're available in a wide range of prices. Please, choose one that you like."

"Personally, I rather not have a bunch of tags by people who edited one thing just to get their names in the tags. It also seems kinda narcissistic"

"why do we need a tag to show who typeset it? it's artists and possibly translators such as moi that matter, heh"

I was just giving credit where credit is due. I'll remove them in my future edits.

I like to ***k by myself. I never understood why people like to ***k in groups. To many sweaty people all ***king at once makes me feel uneasy.


I meant superficial as in her treatment of the remi koyukkuri. The sins of the father don't transfer to the son.

Also, this anon gave them a week's supply of food, and even medicine when they wanted it. He stated that he only wanted her to take care of the remi koyukkuri until they could fend for themselves. She's indirectly killing her family by pissing anon off.

It took a long time, but this Reimu finally became a true Deibu; nothing says Deibu more than putting your family at risk, because of superficial fears.