One Yukkuri Place



He aint fappin dood.

He's playing a console game. Fallout is my best guess. Unless you say "You bastard!" when tuggin it.

But that would mean we would have to deal with those people who say "Because they can speak, Yukkuri are like human children!" in real life rather than just on message boards!

saline said:
Why are they so eager to eat the entrails of their fellow?

That's not entrails man...

That's the thing that comes OUT of entrails...

Looks like it's a continuation of the Yukkuri Abuse farm that Big-g was working on.

I think in a previous story, all the others were calling Dosu sucm and trash because it ate too much/ was too big or something.

Building some random contraption then copy and pasting another artist's yukkuri picture into it just so you can put it here?


Seriously, and you have to skewer it at the EXACT moment that they make a lovey dovey happy face or else you'll fail

Nope. Not a Fem Anon.

Notice how every time Youmu says "Chinpo" (Dick) there's more stuff in parenthesis, which is showing what she actually means. But the next one...has no parenthesis....

Looks the Reimus didn't know how to clean up after themselves since their parents and Big Sis Marisa did it for them and since they couldn't take it easy with Marisa's dead body they just shit and peed everywhere and can't clean up after themselves so they died.

Miss makes friends with Yukkuri inside Abuse park, leaves satisfied.
Anon enters same spot and murderizes the ones Miss likes.
New family moves in the now empty house and Miss believes that they killed the old family.
Miss abuses the shit out of them.


That smug as fuck Marisa at the bottom left.

All these arrogant Yukkuri though...

I think only the bottom right Reimu fits her Platinum badge.