One Yukkuri Place



killbill said:

i thought thats not a yukkuri...

That's a yukkuri kaguya, probably bodied.

Canttakeiteasy said:

I wonder if zun gets a cut of the profits from all the derivative merch from his IP? Or does receiving the odd gifts here and there make him happy?

No cuts, but people shower him with gifts and booze.

Jackie-Chen said:

Poor thing... gera gera gera.

Is this a Resident Evil parody?

Author says it is Fortnite.

mad_hatter said:

Added Kemono Friends tag.

Guten Gera..XD

Eh? Why? I do not see any of those characters here.

You know what is scarier than a zombie infestation? A zombie infestation being led by a necromancer.

The original Yoshika is a jiangshi, a chinese zombie vampire. What yoshikas can eat may involve draining living yukkuri from their paste, for example.