One Yukkuri Place



According to this artist, Yukkuris do not die because of dehydration. Their skin just become crusty, their paste become solid as in this series. That is the point.

Anon said at biginning and end of this episode that he do this job to 'try something'
May be that is the taste of good-head Yukkuri

Ahegao said:

Reimu leave Miss because she can't get what she want. Miss says "Be stray for a while may make you be better Yu."
With max level of lucky Reimu knows her fault and came back to Miss again but Miss says "I ask Yukkuri Shop that sold you tome and it was mistaken send you to me instead of another Silvergrade Reimu. Then now they can't prepare the silvergrade Reimu at time and send SilverBadge Remilia to me as apologize. Reimu please becomes Remilia's lifestock."

I think if Reimu don't beg at first time Miss will don't ask Yukkuri Shop .

ComeOnAndSlam said:

This is exactly how i wanted this to happen!

On other note, are there any translations for the characters written in the zombified yu's foreheads?

勅令喰油 Ediction Eat Yu(kkuri)

This is still JRPG gag. Fem Anon says "Abakam"
Spell User in Dragon Quest has spell named Abakam that can unlocked every locked door.

Anon who kill bodied frandre of the park is now gone. His(her?) friend received anon's PC from anon's parent and see video clip of when anon kill bodied frandre.
Poor salary man who still find the one who kill bodied frandre.

The boy worry that problem is not his right hand becomes Reimu but which world line is he on now.
A parasite world line and get his life in very hard mode
B midori days world line and get his life in very heart mode

In first chapter of this series, Anon says he's formally a farmer and do Yukkuri Breeder as side job. He also has yukkuri sweeper team (kimeemaru as chief, flans, remiryas).

Oh... They become series.
Anons got so upset that they can generate the singularity.
Legendary Mohegan came from another dimension.
He get Dosu down before she can use Dosu Spark then punch Bodied Reimu at stomach.
Dosu has been sent to Factory. Bodied Reimu to lewd fetish shop.
Two kos has takeen by certain Anon and to be continue