One Yukkuri Place



HankySpank said:
Did he say he got caught up or anything? He kinda just fell off the face of the yu-earth.

Nope, he just stoped answering my mail.

danogoat said:
8 months without yuyu... canch chake ich eajy...

Worst thing is that we were making a game together however I had to stop because it would be impossible to find anyone who could have replace him.

They might not have problem with breathing while they are locked in those balls but they cant eat and its more fun when they are going down hill. :)

starshine said:
Those are some ridiculously adorable koKoakumas.

You must mean cocoa-kumas.

Im ok with this. True, it is little over the top but there wasn't much abuse stuff around here lately, usually its just shitty porn.

Beautiful peace of art. I really appreciate artists cross between surrealism and cubism.

Wow, that house must be in awful shape. Mice and cockroaches are one thing but having whole yukkuri familly in your house without having them as pets, thats just something disgusting.

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