One Yukkuri Place



Red_Ruin said:
If artists like Hiduki Ryou and Enriend (amongst others) can manage extreme cuteness without going overboard, why can't Kiri?

then how do you explain that kiri is the most famous and popular artist
while they are not?

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  • JusticeItEasy said:
    Maybe for once we would get the ultra moeblob yet finally truly shithead yukkuris that i woudl like kiriraita to make once, just to make something different like "truly cute yukkuris being shitheads", that's something nobody does, usually shitheads and scum yukkuris are hideous or annoying looking, never really cute like to have a nice taste of mixed feelings of "it's cute, but it's a piece of shit!".

    well, if kiri does continue this park series,
    then we won't see any scum yukkuri.

    people pay money in order to enjoy abusing
    clean, nice and innocence yukkuris being raised by the park.

    who would want to waste their money on shitheads?

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  • it seems some people wish this story end soon.

    but if kiri's next story is about
    another anon abuse another family in this park.
    then what's the difference?

    it's like factory theme stories go on and on by different artists.
    except this time it's only kiri focus on his park series.

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