One Yukkuri Place



YukkurisMustDie said:
I just went through their pics and it isn't the one i'm thinking of

who is the one that trolls yukkuris by saying they aren't a miss?

Stake guy's delicious trap might be what you're looking for.
Or possibly ThatOneGuy's Miss Mister?

ukshadow said:
I think that's what he meant, but did not word it correctly.

Yea, my bad. It sounded right in my head, but it's just confusing now that I read it...

JusticeItEasy said:
There is something about the Reisen types that makes me want to hug them. . .i don't know why, there is no other type of Yu that makes me want to huge each of their individuals when i see them, without exceptions.

It's just a yukkuri who's only good for it's easy appeal maybe? Either way, I agree.

JusticeItEasy said:
Literal meaning of "Love Cures All".

And that without reaching the "non FF" side of the Yu Love.
It makes you wonder how effective an E-rin's medicine would be if they go "that" far.

Based on that logic, STDs.

Bear Grylls doesn't have black hair though. And a Suika is a much better choice for that option.

yukiyuzen said:
Is Kaguya using a DSi? Shes using a stylus...

It looks more like a gameboy advance SP to me, but the camera looking piece on the back and stylus throws that idea out of the window.

Well, we could say 4 based on the eyes ON the yukkuri, but we can't see the eyes IN it now can we?

Sorry for being so sma-yubleargh!

Call it a curtain that has no visible folds and call it a day IMO. Either way, very nice work, but don't forget the shadows next time!

anon0014 said:
It's from Yuyuko's dialogue in Imperishable Night:

And here I was thinking it was from the anko where a Yuyuko was a pet kept at a bakery called Little Bones. You learn something new everyday!

JusticeItEasy said:
Or maybe Mama Reimu works her ass off, meanwhile Lil Reimu is a arrogant "swowwy fwor bweing shoooo cyuuute!" scum that takes it too easy and Papa Marisa/Lil Marisa see's the dissonance.

I completely neglected the possibility that the third panel could have been the ko-reimu. I really need to keep an open mind sometimes instead of thinking of the worst case scenario...

I might be jumping to conclusions, but from the looks of it, she probably ate/killed the kids. That's why Marisa has the disappointed look and she looks ragged with them and fine without them.

SIX said:
1) Steal babies
2) Hang them on a clothes line and tape them closed
3) Enjoy the parents cries for 3 days
4) Feed dried out babies to parents for lulz

There you go

Wanna bet Reimu thanks anon for killing Marisa which causes him to think she's scum and in turn kills her too?
God I hope not...

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