One Yukkuri Place



boidedyulover said:
to Fragtagonal

on this game we need a whole lot of stuff.

1) we need more ways of abuseing the yukkuri's.

2) we need other yukkuri types {remilia, baby remilia, Flandre, baby flandre, Momiji, Baby Momiji, sakuya, baby Sakuya, Raper alice. so on and so forth.

3) a speak action so the useer can talk to the yukkuri's.

4) a pet action, a slap action, a pull action,

5) we need the yukkuri's the give birth through penipeni {baby's are born by mamu-mamu birth.} and rub-rub {baby's are born through stalk birth}

6) ways to abuse , kick, hit, burn them ,burn their feet, shave there hair off, stick pins in them, rip their braids off (patchi's, reimu's, marisa's any yukkuri's with braids.
gouge their eyes out, boil them, you just think of any other ways to abuse them.

7) have the yukkuri's drink water, orange juice {heal}
and have them go peepee.

noteify me if you can do any of these things just e-mail me on or reply to this comment

So basically, it needs more cruelty potential and more caring potential.

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