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Sorry for the bump, but I gotta say. This Ko actually thinking to go around instead of just bashing itself against the glass is a rather refreshing scenario. I’ve seen too many dumbass yus kill themselves in the most stupid of ways.

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  • Ieneko-Sasha said:

    GJ, This should do!
    So sad to know that we only have 3 months left. I discovered this site six years ago, always a big fan of kiriraitaa and other OGs of yukkuri abuse. I finally learned to draw my own yugyaku comic and so glad that you guys enjoyed it despite mine looked amateurish.

    3 months?? Is OYP shutting down???

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  • CCX said:

    The really sad part about this story is that if Shell wasn't such an overwhelming nicehead, she might've survived. It's clear that her older sister wants no part of her, but rather than accepting this, she continues to try to be nice to her shitty big sister.

    I hadn’t considered that. While being nice is great and all, you gotta be smart too, but to be fair to shell, she’s at most 2 weeks old.

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