One Yukkuri Place



Marisa: 'Marisa's going to get angry DAZE!'
Reimu: 'Realize that you're useless trash!'
Both: 'Go die easy!'

Kos: 'Yuyu! Let go of daddy easy!'
Marisa: 'YUYA! How did mister crabs manage to injure Marisa?'
It hurts, let go!'

Marisa: 'Wow! There's a bunch of strange things in the water DAZE.'

'Aren't these mister crabs? Are they already running away from Marisa?'

'Your puny little bodies can't hurt Marisa at all, why don't you understand it DAZE!'

Kos: 'Hahaha, Reimu's mister crabs came back again!'

"After all the harvest was brought back and transferred into the nest did the two yukkuri discover that their food reserves were extremely abundant, more than enough to pass the winter. They excitedly rub-rub'd together in celebration."

"Marisa told Reimu that the reason she was able to collect such an abundant harvest was all thanks to a kind-hearted Patchouli. Reimu proposed that after things had settled down, they must go give Patchouli their thanks. Marisa also agreed."

"The second day, the arrangements in their new house complete. After making sure their little ones were safe, the two yu's took some food with them, and walked off towards Patchouli's home."

"Seen from a distance, there were five little ones rambunctiously playing at Patchouli's doorstep, while Patchouli herself sat at the nest's doorstep looking after them. Seeing Marisa and Reimu arrive, Patchouli hastily bid her little ones to do a proper greeting. The two families quickly broken into conversation."

"In order to thank Marisa, Patchouli told her a secret: not far from here was a patch of abandoned farmland, where it was possible to dig up many mister vegetables. If she searched hard, she would likely be able to collect a whole winter's worth of harvest."

"Following Patchouli's instructions, Marisa quickly found the farmland, and true to her word, the ground was chock full of scattered withered vegetable leaves, and even a few rarely seen rotten potatoes. Marisa was overjoyed; she immediately began rummaging through the soil, and quickly filled her hat to the brim. "

"Carrying such a heavy load of precious spoils, Marisa happily skipped back home."

"Wife Reimu had long been waiting outside the door of the house, and upon seeing Husband Marisa's triumphant rejoicing return, knew that she had gathered lots of food. As expected without disappointment, the entire bulging hat's worth of food was about to flatten Marisa. But Marisa's entire face was all laughs as she hopped to Reimu's side."

"While foraging in the forest, Marisa saw a Patchouli passing by. This Patchouli was struggling to pull a sack made of dried hay and grass, slowly dragging it forward across the ground."

"Marisa quickly came over and took possession of Patchouli's sack, tucking it into her hat, and went with Patchouli to her own home."

"Patchouli lived in a 'small room' of shrubbery shaped like a tent; this patch of shrubbery was probably the result of the wind blowing and collapsing, the broken twigs perfectly forming a tent shaped space. By herself, Patchouli was probably incapable of making this kind of home."

"Patchouli told Marisa that she was a single mother; her past husband Alice had gone out to forage and disappeared without a trace. So the whole household of five little ones could rely only on her to raise them. This life had already been going on for a very long time."

Miss Zidana, I need you!

"Their tummies were full, but they couldn't sit there all day. Daddy and Mommy played games with the little ones; cha-cha, cha-cha, high high.

The little ones absolutely must get lots of exercise, which is the best way to prevent them from turning into uneasy 'deibus' or 'bawizas.' " (Is this line trying to say 'shitheads?')

"After playtime, the little ones were also tired, quickly, quickly, crawl into the soft warm nest, take it easy and sleep well!

Seeing the little ones' adorable sleeping faces, the parents' eyes brimmed over with happy tears."

"With the little ones resting, but parent Marisa and parent Reimu couldn't be idle. All of the harvest in the house had to be slowly organized. Parent Reimu stayed behind to clean the nest, while parent Marisa went outside to gather food."

"Even though the cold wind was already blowing, parent Marisa was still in the forest carefully looking to gather things that could be eaten. Grass roots, stems, sometimes fallen nuts, these things could serve as reserves. If times were good, it was possible to find un-rotten nuts, which could serve as that night's dinner."

"Haa~~ ha~ (exhaling)"

"Daddy ~ daddy ~ don't hide anymore"

"Don't cry little one, daddy is right here"

"Ha ~ ha~~"


"Daddy ~ daddy where did you go?"

"Daddy ~ don't leave Reimu behind!"

"Waa~~ is this the same thing as shenma (god horse?)"

"Little one, daddy is right here."

"Daddy has punished the uneasy yukkuri! Little one, let's hurry home. Daddy's body suddenly feels a little itchy."

"(A-ka-lin-jiang) wa... (?) can't get married anymore..."

"Daddy is so strong!"

"Marisa will punish yukkuri that can't take it easy!"

"Yuaaa (Yabajie?)! It hurts! It hurts!(One roll?) It's too early for (Ya-ka-lin-jiang?)"

"Yu~ yu~ punishment! Punishment!"

It'd be helpful to know what kind of yukkuri the one with the meatball hair is; I think it's talking phonetically, but I don't know enough about touhou to figure out who it's supposed to be.

"Yu! Let's play easy together!"

"What kind of trash is this? Trash without an accessory can't take it easy at all."

"Don't come close to Reimu-chan!"

"Entrance to Hell"

3 something River

"It's too early for the little ones to come here, so don't take it easy and go back quickly!"

"Oh! It's ma-ma!"


"Winter is approaching..."

"A family of yukkuri is walking through a forest full of falling leaves; this is a family of 5. Happy cheers (laughter? easy sounds?) followed them on their way; it looked like this was a family of yu's immersed in incomparable happiness."

"A hidden and spacious cave, it didn't take long for father Marisa to find this place, and with winter approaching, they had an urgent need to to have a place to pass the winter in."

"The hole was already stuffed full of dried grass; as soon as they entered, the two parent yu's carefully and warily put their koyukkuris (literally says babies?) into the dry grass nest. Seeing their koyukkuris' carefree, playful expressions, the parents let out a happy laugh."

It's not letting me post the little bubbles;

Anon: "Alright, I've finally finished the treatment. It looks like Mr. hurt-hurt has come out.

So for the next few days, get lots of rest, and everything will be fine."

Marisa: That's too good DAZE~~~.
Mr. hurt-hurt should go die easy.
Get up Reimu, after you've thanked Mr. Doctor we can go back to the forest.

Marisa: "What's going on with you Reimu DAZE?
Open up Mr. eyes, quickly!
Lots of Mr. filling has come out,
don't die easy!
We still have to go back and get married DAZE!
How can I go on living without you?


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