One Yukkuri Place



I can't read Kanji to save my life. Left what I think the reading is in tn tags so anyone who knows better knows how I managed to fuck it up so bad.

This is the first time I've seen a Tenshi use her tresses as limbs. Usually it's only braids or bows or such that can move.

Not that I'm complaining mind.

I'd honestly be paru-ing big time if takumi was both an awesome artist AND an awesome storyteller.

And TBH I prefer simple slice of life plotlines to the ridiculously far-fetched abuse scenarios. Another day, another farmer with a pest problem... if yukkuri were real, this'd probably be a regular thing. Though personally, if yukkuri were real, I'd be farming them instead. =)

For a second there I thought SUN was back. Don't scare me like that! =)

Pretty impressive work for a first time. Those eyes are creeping me out though.

I think a round of applause is needed for @KusoNingen posting over three thousand notes on over seven hundred posts since signing up three months ago. Amazing work!

I swear the trolls around here get lamer every year. No expletive-laden wallposts, no CAT FAGGOT, can't draw, can't even come up with a better argument than "reddit hates you".

Wake me when the banhammer drops.

Oh derp, I forgot 用いる was a verb. That's the kanji I was confused about; I was looking at its よう reading (because that's what searching for it as a suffix turned up) and getting all confused.

As for the second part, my reading was 舌が肥えない. My dictionary says:

肥える (こえる) (v1,vi) (1) to grow fat; to gain weight; to put on weight; (2) to grow fertile; (3) to be refined (palate); to be discerning (eye, ear); (4) to become rich; to become successful; (P)

So I went with (3) for "tongue is undiscerning" as the only translation that made sense.

Yukkuri vs. nature may be what brought me here, but this is what kept me here.

Thanks for uploading, Yuno, you really made my day.

Might be the last time I get to say this, but... happy birthday OYP!

Eleven years, and I've been here for seven of them. Wow. I pray to the internet gods that you may live to see more, but even if you don't, I won't forget the times I had here any time soon.

Well now, isn't this a bolt from the blue? I really should try to nut out the joke, but I just don't have the time to screw around translating things. One too many spanners in my works already.