One Yukkuri Place



I don't think I've ever seen a patchouli puff before. I always sorta assumed such a strenuous activity would cause them to explode.

That panel was a flashback. The reimu that was still in the hat in that panel was the one that hid inside mother reimu's mouth and got kicked into a tree.

I've been staring at this for a while, and I know this isn't Danborru where tagging is serious business, but does the useless Dano bother to properly tag anything?

Yukkuri Shanghai's expression is getting to me. She looks like she's about to wreck somebody's shit.


Uhp, wait, I figured it out. Shanghai did it. Alice used her to dispose of Patchouli so she could have Marisa all to herself. No one would ever suspect a thing.

I'm not usually one argue a pointless argument, but I don't think a font would see such widespread use if people thought it was ugly. Plus, it being ugly was never the real problem people had with it.

Personally, I think Georgia or Trebuchet look nice. But like you I don't really put much notice in fonts.

Which font is this?

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