One Yukkuri Place



vesper said:

dancing for money??

Yeah, age old begging technique, and for the sake of the story, it is still working.

Ieneko-Sasha said:

How big are yukkuris supposed to be? I thought the adult ones supposed to be the size of basketball and the average ko yus are the size of tennis balls.. (yeah in the 1st column i draw them slightly too big)

Their sizes are commonly accepted as such, but doesn't have to be always like it. And the kos do increase in size as they grow up, the adults do too, but slower.
Or as i believe, since there is no canon here, so as long as you make it likable, i don't think it would be an issue.

If your fishes got killed off by ko, you might want to consider getting the new ones already.

EasyV said:

The majority of yukkuri barely have a single braid though.
Many barely have any appendage.

When i said common, i have Reimu and Patchouli in mind, the rest are either uncommon or rare. Guess things changed.

Cute_Aggression said:

I wonder why hasn't multi-braided yukkuri become the dominant type?

iirc there is one anko about this, about a monster Reimu, strong enough to kill human.
Aside from that, the common yu, which has two braids, don't play the hunter roll much.

And that's it. At least he still remembered about the other koreimu and added her at the end. Looking forward to next chapter.