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mad_hatter said:

Yeah, retaliation is very conditional in this game. I don't know if shitheads/super shitheads counter-attack rapers; I've never kept them around long enough to find out. I've only seen niceheads do so, and very rarely at that. My guess is even if shitheads defend against rapers, rapers would win. Especially if there's two and one initiates rape frenzy in the other.

If i remember correctly, only niceheads should defend others from rapers, and even then only under certain conditions. Rape, defense from and preying are all event based, so its also governed by dice rolls on whether anything happens. Its just they have a higher than 0% chance.

As far as damage goes, its pretty much random but consistent in that build. Basically, individual yukkuri types share stats like movement speed, stress resistance (or at least receive the same modifiers) but have the individual numbers determined by multiplication of a random factor and the base value. So its very possible to get freakishly weak or strong individual yukkuri. It was definitely a system that needed looking at, and is fairly easy to fix if anyone is interested.
EDIT: By which i mean ill tell you how to do it


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  • Haa is my idol. My entire goal in working on simyukkuri is to distill haa's drawings into java form and implement them ingame as a way for all to enjoy his easyness.

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  • (1koma)
    One day, upon coming home from work I noticed that two manju - one of them the size of a soccer ball, the other the size of a tennis ball – had fallen into the garden.

    Then one day,when I came home from work,manjuu that soccer ball size and tennis ball size had fallen in the garden one each.
    Because it was well after sunset, I couldn’t see them properly, one had a red and white ribbon so it was probably a re… re… hmm, I can’t seem to remember the name, yukkuri.
    "Yuyuu! Mister, take it easy!"
    (baby)"chake id eajy!"
    Once I saw them under the electric lamp, I noticed how dirty they were, and thought that they could not take it easy.
    At least, I can’t take it easy.
    It would seem to be a parent and child, ostensibly from the city if an arabesque pattern drawn in magic marker was any indication.
    “Mister human, Reimu is a single mother, you know!”
    " what?"
    "Please take care of us easy!"
    (baby)"Sowwy fo’ being sho cude!"

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  • Cleaned it up a bit I hope, but not entirely sure on some parts.

    anko0467 "Domesticated Yukkuri Reimu" D.O(Original novel by D.O,but Illustrator is unknown.)
    My home is a quaint wooden houses well over a 100 years old.
    In my grandfather’s younger days, he was a farmer. On his property, there was a warehouse and garden surrounded by a hedge and ringed by forest.

    From the outside, this home appears both old and abandoned.
    I do not take care of the home, and as a result, moss and weeds have overgrown the garden and the hedges have holes in them.
    During my childhood, many of the locals were farmers. Ten years ago however, there was a large scale yukkuri attack, and it seems that the farms have completely disappeared.

    The drafted plan was to create an experimental farm in the countryside, near the mountain. It would employ the Noukarin(?). Most of the land was sold for the purposes of this plan, and the smooth progress of the experiment means that this entire area will soon be the farmland of the Noukarin(?)

    Now, the many abandoned homes have created a ghost town.

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  • Depends on version, its not working properly in any of your versions, but if someone starts yelling Feed me easy! with a really rude look on their face, they're going to start eating ko's. Though they might just kill them, idk, it was a bit wonky in 250

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  • Could also drop in a couple of remilias next time, they will eat the babies anytime they're over 25% hunger. Baby and koremilias would be best since they gain hunger fastest.

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  • I feel like their version of hybridization could have worked alot nicer if braids were locked to bodytype and the artstyles were more standardized, especially faces

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