One Yukkuri Place



Hey folks, no promises on when the next updates come up, but I can definitely promise they'll be in much more readable condition than what I've got so far.

EasyV said:

Do you use a scanner to get your drawings in digital format? Or something else?

Yep, pencils first, then scans, and then a little retouching with Photoshop. I could probably do things neater with pure digital, but I like the feedback and feel I get with a physical pencil. Probably could do with a proper flatbed scanner eventually though...

Hitosura said:

Always wondered what happened to ya. Welcome back! Do we get to see more life with Eirin? :D

Yep, that's the plan, I've got a whole thing planned out. :)

Wow, been a while since I've posted stuff here. Not sure about how the tagging works with the new interface.

BaronMind said:

Mister Anonymaus come back! (;_;)

Or at least let us know you're still taking it easy...

Whew, been a while since I've been here. I've got some updates coming soon enough!

Glad you folks are enjoying it despite the lapses in updates. Is the text more legible? I switched to Wopex for those since they're reputed to be better for clean dark marks.

Thanks guys. Sorry about the gray tone, I didn't notice that my usual clean-up didn't work as expected until after it uploaded.

exitstrategy said:
How did the NA ones develop anti-social behaviors?

Just tried to gussy up the term "shithead" to something more clinical.

HankySpank said:
You should really make more of these. They're very well done.

Would if I could, but mister work's been getting a little more intense and can't take it easy. But I've got something planned for this story in the future that you guys might like.

It's sweat, Reimu's stuck in a glass box with four or more kotatsus at a time as a nanny while the adult Marisas work.

Experimenting a little with digital-only rendering, and for whatever reason thought of using miniature kotatsu Marisas as a substitute for those heated stone massages.

Because abuse, basically. The paralysis from the drip is enough to keep the yukkuri from hopping around, but not enough to say, cause the same sort of trauma you'd get from searing the foot or spearing it on something. And I wanted to experiment with drawing some slightly different faces.

Apologies for the weird contrast on this and the previous page by the way, I was experimenting with ways to prep a scan of a sketchbook page without inking.

Touching these up and shrinking them down for more legibility. If there's more interest, I'm going to see about posting colorized versions.

Duly noted, I'll resize for future pages.

Is the format readable though? I'm experimenting with a panelless format.

exitstrategy said:
These rough sketches look really good. Are you planning on doing a story?

Yep, that's the idea.

Sorry about the stuff at the bottom, I was trying to work out some stuff with facial composition since doing things manga-style is a bit different from my usual work.

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