One Yukkuri Place



Can't add notes anymore ...

The missing untranslated text should read:
"For little ones' sake, I can't avoid fighting no ze...!"

Based anonymous.
For future reference, Kansai Int'l is actually almost an island SE of Osaka. Think Key West with a land bridge.

Those are from the parents. They went back to their corpses and took the accessories. I haven't seen much death-stench fanon; if you shave and remove the accessories from a dead yu, most will treat it as a sweet-sweet.

Bucket, I'll help with this series. I've given up on translating the Yukkuri Death Race--it's just too difficult to read the writing. Expect it done in a few days.

Mother Reimu can't talk, but is thinking the first two kos can't take it easy. The non yard koreimu is getting upset because her mom won't return her greeting, and doesn't know she has no voice.

Yeah, I figured, though in retrospect Butt Love would have been funnier. It's tough to capture the Japanese puns.

Long story short, the little Reimu got tired out, and Marisa was frustrated because she wanted to go for a walk, but hates being alone.

Then noms.

At long last, I have finished translating this series; hope the wait didn't kill anyone.

And I swear, that's really what the last line says. Can't stop laughing.