One Yukkuri Place



BaronMind said:
Ouch. Having been ill myself for quite a while now, I understand entirely.

Take it easy and get well soon!

Almost recovered now...
Feel a little weak but I think it's ok.
If you need help ,just call me :3

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  • BaronMind said:
    You missed out 湛, but yes, that's just what I needed! Thank you!

    Knowing the meaning in English doesn't help me much though. Better to know the Japanese meaning, like with furigana:

    輝く(かがやく) - not quite right, but my IME doesn't have it either

    I need to learn the words anyway, if I want to get better. =3

    Food poisoning today =(
    Have to convalesce...

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  • BaronMind said:

    Get it.
    どう処分(duel with)したもののかと考え(think)てると
    輝く(not hikaruku, hakakaku is right but cant type it in IME,It mean glitter)ような笑顔(smile)を満面(whole face)に?えた

    Hope it can help you :3

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  • BaronMind said:
    That would be "ねんっがん" (probably a slurred 念願).

    Could you help me with the kanji on this page? Reposting the text in a comment or note would be a huge help, because then I can copypaste the ones I don't know.

    Looking them up by radical/stroke count takes forever. =(

    Huuum...I'm not sure about how can I help you on kanji...
    Repost the kanji's mean like some kind dictionary or what?
    Like "'閉'=>close"?

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  • BaronMind said:
    What Cirno wants to know is how mister human can possibly take it easy with mister kanji! Cirno gets mister headache just thinking about them!

    Beacuse my native language is chinese...
    It's nothing else but kanji...

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  • BaronMind said:
    Translation complete! Sorry for being so strong!

    I'm beginning to think that you're a yukkuri in realworld now...
    Mister human just cant understand what their yu slur talking!
    Anyway ,thx for translations!
    Mister(or Miss?) BaronMind is very easy!

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  • BaronMind said:
    Not sure about that last line. It looks like the same as the end of the first paragraph?

    In fact, it's different in JP and CH.
    First paragraph, it's more like "Finally, the journey with so many sacrificed was stoped in this place(human's home)".
    In second paragraph, it's mean "At last, Marisa and her companions's journey had a none survivor badend"
    But in eng, I dont want to make a long sentence to explaine it .
    So I use analogous words when translate it into eng :3

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  • Alice was killed by mister black iron.
    Patchouli been burned with strong flames.
    Finally ,the journey that so many yukkuri sacrificed their lives for, came to the end.

    Marisa was keeping asking same questions to the human.
    Why would human hurted yukkuri when they taking easy in their own easy place?
    But human just killed them all with no answer.
    At last, those yukkuri's journey that none of yukkuri lifted,came to the end.

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  • And then, they have been found by human.
    It's not a paradise for yukkuri.
    It's a house that human living.
    When the yukkuri been found by human.
    Their destiny was been ordained already.

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  • Mister winter shall no come to such easy place.
    They are fully confident of this.
    After that, they make little and investigation surrounding quick.
    If is any enemies near by their place will be a serious issue.

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  • A carton that can protect them when rain and snow.
    A field that mister vegetable will grow of their own accord.
    What a place have such easy things.
    They feel happeness.
    And then, they do home declaration quickly and make here be their easy place only.

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  • When the rain stopped, reimu was melt.
    If it stopped earlier reimu could been saved.
    Even so ,their journey wouldn't stoped.
    They determined to found an easy place, for their dead companions.
    Finally, they found an easy place.

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