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This is the first page where little Maicha says stuff other than "Maicha... trash?"
Here she says,
"Te... terrible, no jie"
"Maicha is... not trash na no jie"
"Scum... Daddy is scum na no jie..."

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  • Marisa's inner monologue:
    Yu? That's Reimyu's Mister Ribbon...?
    [Even in her mind, unburdened by the childlike clumsiness of her physical mouthparts, there is some slurring]
    Reimyu... The blowing of the wind earlier...
    Reimyu cut, right?
    [This part I'm not sure how to translate into English well, but she is realizing that Reimu was killed by drying out in the wind, and that she herself is alos going to die the same way]
    ...Marisa, is coming along too, soon enough...

    Mister Sun is beautiful na no jiee...
    This could be a good chance for [something. I don't know what "shinu" means but Im guessing it is death-related, you know, because shi usually denotes death, and it fits the context, so maybe it is like the Klingon "today is a good day to die."] na no--
    Hu... human...

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  • It's probably obvious based on the human character's line and the context, but the untranslated line is Marisa exclaiming, "Macha's food/meal!" but stretched out and in ko-yu speak.

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  • I think in the untranslated Marisa line she is saying something like "There will be hurt-hurt if you go on like this," threatening Mister Wall, essentially, but my Japanese studies never got very in-depth and I am also guessing on the slurred syllables

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  • Fluffy_katana said:

    First text bubble is missing a translation, as is one near the bottom.

    So, I am terrible at Japanese. Never took classes or anything, just picked stuff up from media and learned how to transliterate the hiragana and katakana. I think i have the gist of these lines but its not perfect. Tbh, they don't add much at all to the story.

    First one, after Father Marisa says, "Little one's mammu mammu is great!," she basically says, "Marisa did it too much" i think she means she came too much, and if you want to assume that, she phrases it with a "Mr." like yukkuri do, so it's more like "Marisa did too much Mr. Cum," but that sounds more explicit than she is actually being. The word she is adding Mr. to is, if i am getting this correctly, a basic "to be" infinitive verb that can be used in a lot of different ways, (I think its the same word they use for a home declaration, "pureisu ni suruyo"). If you want to err on the vague side, then, "Marisa did too much Mister doing it."

    Second one I have less to say about. The daughter/baby-mama Macha, after she says, "I will do my best!" says she wants to teach her little ones to take it very easy. A couple words are too slurred for me, so she may actually be saying she wants to teach the little ones to do some specific action very eas[il]y, but, if that is indeed the case, I don't know what.

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  • I suck at Japanese but here's my best attempt:
    Big Reimu is saying "Yun! [Something along the lines of] Reimu is totally taking it the easiest! [Then, in smaller text:] It's no crime, not anymore, right? [Rhetorical question, she is not actually asking whether it's a crime, just inviting the listener to nod along with her]"

    The ko just behind her (she ends her line with "nanoze," so, a Maricha) is asking for rub-rub, I think. The slurring is extreme and the text is small so it's hard to decipher.

    The ko behind Maricha I think is just saying "enough, already!" Or "no more!," and the last one just has the sfx for rolling above it. It's probably dead.

    So, the text doesn't really help explain the situation. I assume Reimu is just a cruel pet who thinks the pain of what she considers scum yukkuri behind her makes her "easier" in comparison, so she drags them behind her like a train.

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  • I took a shot at figuring out what Marisa is saying here, but I was never much good and now I'm out of practice so I didn't do very well. Here's what I got:

    Marisa (had?) a gold badge! Mister hat is very lonely. Something about fragrant mister hair? Let's take it reeeally easy! Let's sing an easy song! I can share a room with easy Mister Dog! I put Mister Poo Poo in Mister Toilet! You can munch munch any Mister Food (its probably more like "I'll munch munch any Mister Food you can offer," i.e. not picky)! Please! Let's take it easy together!

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  • I know its weird to log in for a minor nit-pick after not posting for years, but I have to say, this yukkuri is tagged as a Reimu when it's actually a hybrid between a reimu and a marisa.

    I kind of like how OYP 2.0 looks so far btw. It was a nice surprise after having mostly kept away for a while.

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  • Reimu: Yuyuu! Alright... (in response to Maricha offering to help) Can you help me organize these meals?
    Maricha: Yun! OK, no ze! Leave it to Marichya, no ze!
    Reimu, thinking: Yuu... little one's little sister is much more easy (mostly guessing on that one)... The older sister should follow the example of the younger sister a little more...

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  • Angelofdeath said:


    Mama (?) Reimu refused little wasa's demand for more food on the previous page.

    Koreimu: How can you say thaaaaaaaaat? Don't be meeeeeean! Yunyaaaa!
    (The bubbles by her braids just say wasa wasa, so they're sound effects, not dialogue)

    Reimu: Yuyuu? S, settle down, little one! Sorry! Reimu was exaggerating... Now let's get mister food...

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  • saline said:

    lol, what's wrong with them

    There are lots of Marisas and only one hat, so they're battling to the death for it.

    I dunno what's transpiring with the two in the top left, though.

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  • Clockwise starting from top left
    Marisa: "Waaaiich" (wait drawn out and slurred) *purin (wobble)*
    Reimu: "Put Reimyu down and take off, ok?!" (this might not be right) *puukyuu*
    Marisa: Yufuu!
    Little Reimu: "Big siiiis, waaaiich" *yuchi yuchi*
    Bigger Reimu: "yukya♡"
    Marisa: Marichya continues no jieee (might be more like "Marichya is in the lead" since they seem to be racing) *murun murun*
    The bold text just says "YUUYUOOOooo"

    Not much information in the words here, just cute stuff yukkuri do.

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  • I had a harder time with this page than I did with the first one:

    Only looking at so much energy and happiness gives me that cute feeling [I'm likely a little off here]!!
    Koreimu: Look, Reimyu can stretch stretch like that, too.
    *yuooo! streeetch streeetch flap flap flap boing and other sfx*
    Komarisa: Ma'chya is flapping up to da firmament of da sky[or heavens if you prefer] na no je!!

    To eat that which is so verrry tasty makes her pigtails move in a Mister flap-flap like a descending angel [mostly guessing here]!!
    Koreimu is slurring and drawing out a "Munch munch happiness" so much here that the words run together.

    Komarisa: Marisa's! Shyupah poo-poo time!! Is starting no je!
    Narrator Reimu: Start squeezing out more poo-poo through not-dirty anus [something must be wrong here, too]
    Koreimu: Biyaa! Kuchyai! [I think she's just making noise in response to being pooed on but this might actually be slurred words]

    Reimu is proud of her verry easy little ones ♡
    Komarisa: Rub rub
    Koreimu: Yuwawawawaaa
    *tremble tremble tremble tremble peee*
    Try to take it easy together forever from now on, ok?

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  • Reimu is Reimu.
    Living with little ones was verrry easy (It seems like Reimu herself is narrating this story?).

    ♪Easy dayyyyys Relaxing dayyyyys♪ (They're singing the same song yukkuris sing in that Breeding and Observation game and some comics)

    What a verry verry happy mother she was ♡

    Every day tasty Mister food grows and comes (She thinks it just 'grows on its own' and then shows up to be eaten). [The food dish says Reimu 03 on it but I don't know what the text box pointing to it says]

    Fluffy, happy Mister bed.

    What is more important and irreplaceable than little ones?!
    *tremble tremble tremble flap flap*
    [I can't make much sense of the text all the way to the left in that bottom panel. My best guess is "Reimu hears you can stand anything if its for the sake of the little ones!"]

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  • Coming oud!
    Wots of poo-poo coming oud!

    Sound effects are "Puri Puriri" which seems odd to me for pooping sounds, but Japanese onomatopoeia usually seems odd to me anyway

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  • Maaaamya,
    Reimyu really wants to do poo-poo.
    Hold on until mommy has brought Mister Toilet.
    I have just a little Mister patience (maybe more like "I'm running out of Mr. Patience).

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