One Yukkuri Place



A bit of summary:

An extermination occurred, Mother Reimu let her children hide in her mouth. Everything occurs inside Mother Reimu's mouth from second page onwards.

The third child (Wasa Reimu) tries to poop and get swallowed;
followed by the second child (Marisa) which get swallowed for saving her hat; finally the first child (Reimu).

The workers praise the new creation of Factory, the Ramune Bomb. The Ramune Bomb covers a large radius, causing Yukkuris to fall asleep, which made the process much easier. No need of running and killing, and no need for cleaning up, just grab and leave. The yukkuris are collected and send back to the Factory to be disposed.

Why does the kos are being swallowed? My explanation is that Mother Reimu falls asleep and subconsciously swallowed the kos as food. Typical Yukkuri reaction.

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