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exitstrategy said:
It would be amusing if it didn't recognize yus without their accessories and charged past.

I'm thinking of same thing too, but then the yukkuri will not take easy or attack by other yukkuri and still cannot survive

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  • I think you can check when their text turn from green>yellow>orange>red>black, I have one for test now

    also what is the point to make YU got "very hot" or "very cold" when eating

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  • hope its correct

    Yukkuri Yamame are predators, feeding on other yukkuri, can produce venom and webs
    some types have 8 legs seems their building abilities are comparable to humans using their web

    but today we want to introduce their venom/virus which only effect the yukkuri
    it deadly and with different symptom
    now already develop anti-yu product from it

    the anti-yu medicine didn't kill the yu at once, but spread around the clan, limit their mating, and completely eradicate

    the clan
    the product use Kisume-yu bucket (need freeze) with Yamame-yu bean inside (Cinnamon Apple)
    put it around anywhere of your house and all yu disappear

    but it maybe a new way for abuse
    lets do some experiment with a shithead yu family just caught on road to see symptom

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  • the second day
    ko-marisa: stinky... its stinky

    mom: baby! easy to wake up now
    o..yu arrr!!! marisa arr! what happen to the baby!?

    dad: ma...marisa don't know! the baby sleep very easy yesterday!

    mom: baby! doing lick lick, will take easy again!

    ko-reimu: yu... mama...

    mom: ITS HOT!

    ko-reimu: yu pe!

    seems like koyukkuri disease outbreak first, parent still in good shape
    maybe ko-yu weak immune system

    symptom are different per yu seems ture
    ko-reimu got fever, trance, throw out bean
    ko-marisa is on some unknow pee or shit like liquid but not throw out bean
    it keep saying "stinky", seems it got stomachache

    the fever is hot, but is it too over heat.....

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  • 1.
    ko-reimu got toss but still not dead, Vitality is really strong

    oh, I start smell the taste of the burn yu

    yu yu! baby I'm really sorry! mom not really want to do this! but baby is too hot!

    e... it look sharp again, so it got "momentary recovery of consciousness just before death"(回光返照)

    wait, it's not right, it got too many facial expressions


    seems like part of the core burn out, I think its more lucky to dead at once

    seems it happen to human when got fever

    yu wa! little baby! you cannot take it easy like this!

    yu pe! pe lo pe lo <<<< some kind of sound I don't understand

    yu wa arrrrr!!

    help reimu aooooo!

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  • sorry I have poor post limit here, please take it easy waiting

    1. start from 2nd

    stupid mom help cute baby reimu quickly! are you stupid! already dead!?

    finally, the core burn out completely, the yu got destroyed from inside out, like a deflate balloon, become a mixture of
    skin and bean

    by the way, this mixture smell is good

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  • someone already add the first one, I'll try to translation (but its not the regular "chinese sound" to make a meaning word, but I'll try translation normal english and someone can translation it to YU speaking)

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  • ~~mistyping~~
    (mid right) but baby need to stop shitting! or poo poo will drop everywhere...

    (mid left) yu yu! but marisa got stomachache! marisa cannot stop it!!

    (last) yu! it's reimu! come to help.....

    (( MA..RI..SA ))

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  • (black title) meanwhile
    (top right) yu yu! it really stinky! cannot take it easy!
    (top left) baba (father)! lick~ lick~ clean it up
    (mid right) but baby ned to stop shitting! or poo poo will drop everywhere...

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