One Yukkuri Place



Jam35 said:

So easy! Myon!

^Her officer defeat quote? Here are some other possible quotes.
"Attack, easy! Myon will make that place her easy place!" (Mobilizing)
"This place is now Myon's easy place!" (Capture Base)
"Myon needs Mister Reinforcements! A lot is enough!" (Struggling)
"Myon can't take it easy here anymore... Going home." (Retreating)

mad_hatter said:

How are you going to make Youmu fight the others? If you take the nicehead's accessories, they'll be inconsolable (unless they're asleep). And being niceheads, they won't fight, anyway.

At first, I thought that I could get my dosu to fight by having Myon attack her enough for her to become agitated enough to counterattack. I've seen adult Buris fight back after taking a hit. Looks like I didn't take in account that niceheads don't rightfully defend themselves against shithead attacks. Pity. My nicehead dosu became Myon's punching bag...

Well... I could still shake the Alices into raper mode. Even if they are niceheads, they still refresh others to death.

Yukkuri Warriors/Yukkuri Musou.

Another idea I wanted to try in Simyukkuri. If you are familiar with the 1 vs 1000+ beat'em up Dynasty Warriors games made by Koei, then you should have no problem understanding this re-visioning of it in yukkuri form.

To the left, Buris are being literally spawned into a large field. Making use of Myon's shithead behavior, she kills them by the boatload for being weird uneasy yukkuris.

To the right are two (Very Nice) Raper Alices and one Nicehead Dosu Marisa. After Myon's ego is inflated from the killing of the cannon-fodder, I plan to have her test her mettle against these three...

Reimu was huddling in a corner and acting despondent after receiving a righteous punishment from anon, trying to make him feel guilty over disciplining her.

Put simply: By thinking that anon should be feeling guilty over punishing her, she STILL believes she had done nothing wrong and this is sort of a way to get a last word against him. What a self-important little shit!

Also, this kind of behavior is not uncommon in human kids irl who act depressed after getting punished by their parents, hoping to make them worry. Imagine using your parent's love and concern for you as a weapon against them. That is a really shitheaded thing to do. Of course, yukkuris ARE a caricature of human behavior.

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