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Hitosura said:

I'd love for this to turn on the human -just one time-.

Like, him get an infection and die or something.

But why?

Marisa comes from a family of shitheads, she calls the burning pile of family members a symbol of her independence. Then she goes up to a human and demands sweet sweets, among other things.

He kicks her, goes to pick her up, and she stabs him.

In no way does this call for him getting an infection or dying, he hasn't done anything wrong.

Actually, this is refreshing, I mean, the yukkuri actually scored a hit, and proceeded to taunt him, that's a pretty good setup for the finale.

First reimu says "take it easy", then I'm lost.
The way I see it she then says "Reimu did her greetings/I did [my] greetings to Reimu (the other one) [so answer me with a greeting!/aren't you supposed to answer me with a greeting?]"

After that I have no clue what she's saying, I deslurred it as "さみちかったんだよ!" and the only thing I could get from that was either "rust, vowed/sworn, [declaration]" or "the road, bought, [declaration]". So "[Reimu has bought this road]", which I assume means "This is Reimu's road", but there is that word again, 'assume', last time I 'assumed' Baron Mind didn't like it...

Next line I deslurr as "おかさんが いなくなちゃったんだよ", so, first is mother, ga for subject, then I tried decomposing the sentence.
After chopping up the word and running it through google and WWWJDIC I eventually got なくなちゃった, which I assume means dead but in a nicer way, like "passed away".
So "[my] mother has taken the big easy", but if that was the case I would have to ignore the い, something I'm probably not supposed to do.

The last line confuses me the most.
"それで, それでね, ひとゆで...!"
First two are easy, just "[therefore]", but I'm lost on ひとゆで, it's not a word, so I split it into ひと and ゆで since those were the only combinations that seemed to work, and I got "[unrelated person/stranger/outsider], [boiling]", boiling made no sense, but WWWJCID also said "broth left over after boiling meat, fish etc.", so I thought it might be leftover, like, Reimu wants what's left in the can, but knowing Japanese it most likely isn't that simple.

But then comes "さみちくちぇ", so either "さみちくって" or "さみちくて", but neither make any sense.

Oh, so I shouldn't press "check translation" and "partial translation"?

If that's the case I'll refrain from doing so in the future.

I wasn't explicitly stated on the forum that I shouldn't, I'm sorry for causing you any difficulty.

BaronMind said: does that make no sense?

Well... When I think "strongest", I only think Cirno, and I think of strongest as "capable of defeating any- huh, now that I think about it, strongest does work from a yukkuri perspective...

With the hat thing, it was straight up my reliance on google that messed it up, and I have no excuse.

Most of it is guesswork, I did this to learn japanese, but after translating a couple of things I realized "Wait, I have a file full of semi-translations, someone might want these", that's why I registered and started posting notes.

I try breaking down every word and phrase, first with memory, then with google translate, then with wwwjdic, then just straight up google if I'm still at a loss.

I know some common phrases, but once I've run across a phrase or a word and translated it once I remember it every time after that.

I do however hope that my translations improve in quality over time and that I can keep contributing to this community.

BaronMind said:

I apologize profusely for that translation, even I am not entirely sure, must have been the question mark.

I did not know about the question mark thing though, thank you for informing me. Things suddenly make a whole lot more sense, I was under the assumption that literally everything followed by a question mark implied a sentence.

MTMoose said:

Huh, now that I think about it I guess it was just a long while since I read something with rape, looked up pool #1094, and there it was.

Thank you for answering my question.

Could someone remove that "rub rub"-tag?

They're not rubbing, they're just holding their... umm... "ears" close to the big Reimu to listen to their sister.

I started translating the second-to-last page for two reasons:
It was short.
Judging by the amount of comments people wanted it translated.

Then I started translating the others, but by the time I decided to translate the rest I had already started from the back, and it would be weird to just change direction.

As always, my slurring, sound effects and interpretations might not be right, so if someone could go through them it would be appreciated.

three things:
someone says "nhooo", is this just english or something slurred? I assumed it was just "noo", but yukkuri like never speak english.

In the second panel, marisa says "さいっこう/ なのじぇ", what does this mean? Closest word I can think of is strongest, but that makes no sense. the kkou makes the word preceding it smaller, but if it was the case, what does sai mean?

Took some liberty with Reimu's text, it's actually "this is absolutely easy not" or "this is absolutely uneasy". Or is this something yukkuri normally say? I don't think I've run across a yukkuri saying "absolutely" before.

When reimu says "wanna go home" it's more like just "i quit", but since "wanna go home" is a regular phrase (right? i mean, i've heard it tons of times) I used that instead.

I mean, saying "little sister...? stop...?" is like, ehh, it came off as weird.

Is it "little sister...? [does little sister] wanna go home...?"?

Or is it "little sister...? [reimu] wanna go home...?" with the ...? being there for like, no reason.

The latter seems more logical, but only if you remove the "...?", it would also mean the reimu is a shithead that would leave its sister, but that could happen, i mean, they're yukkuri.

The second-to-last thing Marisa says, I was pretty liberal, I think it's more like something about being the only one to go looking for the hat, but Reimu said she was going to go look for it, and that's why she bumped into anon.

Clearly Marisa wasn't the only one looking for the hat, or is this intentional?

I think the translation I proposed carries the same message; Marisa was the only one at fault, so she's the only one that should be bullied.

Looks good, but I'd give the text more room to breathe.

The translation's not something I agree with. "I'll be careful", I was under the impression there was some unwritten rule that yukkuri never said "I", well, except for cirnos that say "eye".

In japanese I assume she says something like "'ll be careful next time", but that could also be translated to "[reimu]'ll be careful next time". I'd say making yukkuri seem more stupid is better than making them seem smarter.The onomatopoeia looks good, the "bu~waa" I have no problem with.But just, why all-caps? I started an attempt at hard translation and I found that segoe print bold just looks better in lower case. And when dialogue spoken at regular sound-levels is in lower case then using all-caps for shouting works.Like, compare;
"Hey" is normal
"Hey!" seems friendly, like, if you see a friend you might go "Hey dude!"
"HEY" just looks weird without an exclamation point
"HEY!" sort of "What the fuck are you doing? Stop!"If you go all-caps, and everyone's talking in caps all the time, how do you make them shout?
You basically have to change the font, but good luck with that if you're already using some easy-to-read bold font since any other font like deathrattle or chiller semi-expanded makes it look like he's a psychopath.Putting extra exclamation marks at the end doesn't work either, since there's little difference between "HEY DUDE!" and "HEY DUDE!!!"

Bumping cuz' I'm translating, and it's relevant.

What's up with the dialog at the bottom of the page?
Reimu says "It can't be helped, it's already done".

How is this a response to "It's dinner soon"?

Just, what can't be helped? What's already done?

Or is it like "Little one can now poo poo, shame we weren't the ones who taught her"?

Farathe said:

Oh, right, that probably is her tongue...
I thought she had shoved her braid in to stop it from spewing out; that she had plugged the hole.
But yeah, it makes more sense if she's simply licking.

When I was translating I was under the assumption that it was the braid, so when I read "this isn't going to kill you" I thought she meant shoving her braid in wasn't going to kill her.

Is Weimu going to take the big easy?

Weimu doesn't want to take the big easy.


Adorable little one, this isn't going to make you take the big easy, ok?

Mister tummy is just having diyurrea, tomorrow you'll be fine!

Two things though.
Why is there a lick-lick sound effect next to Reimu? She's just shoving one of her flap-flaps in Koreimu's anyaru.

Second, and this one is meant for someone with some knowledge of japanese:
How do you even translate the second thing that Koreimu said?
I assumed it was just slurred "しにたくないよ?"
It's just "die, don't want to, grammar I can't put into words, question mark".
Or is she asking " don't want to die?" But this makes no sense, is she like delirious or something?Oh and the reason I'm posting it as a comment and bumping is because this is both a comment and a translation.It's not like the image's been out for 4 months.

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