One Yukkuri Place



Oh I don't get why anon want to torture and kill small yukkuri animals is serial killer or psychopath. Could get a remilia yukkuri to kill a yukkuri instead kill a family of yukkuris, if I were him Get me remilia yukkuris , I'm lazy person who doesn't get his/her hand to do with. Thats why we have preditors types to that for us and if he doesn't any yukkuri remilia or flandre he should get a nue or better yet a god damn yuyoko yukkuri she can eat anything. But question is how reimyu slice in half in the first place?

Alice dies as she live as dog, I its cruel of me to say alice die like dog sure she was reject by society that doesn't care about good person or bad person. And no matter how you try they didn't complement you, in their eyes alice just raper, she run away. Gatter trash seen her as raper, in the end she die without a owner and without no one to share her life too. This is tragic isn't, we are like alice. We have alice living inside of us. But there are some truth, truth about how we react about the truth that living inside all of us. That we are much alike to this fictional story and moral values that is to soceity is right or wrong. I don't know?