One Yukkuri Place



I think it makes the story better, honestly. Instead of being a typical Deibu that hates koMarisas, this is a potentially nice Reimu lead to uneasiness by shitty kids. Subverts my expectations.

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  • Hitosura said:

    This all always seems so excessive to me.

    Just mix them all down with water. Seriously. All this 'precise' work, for what? To break them down into a mix and bake them into cookies?

    Maintenance on Factory sites must be murder with all these precise parts/steps.

    Sorry for the bump, I'm rereading this now we have mister translation.

    Doesn't torturing them and bringing them pain make them sweeter? To this end, removing their eyes and such will make them delicious.

    I suppose a few big knives or sawblades would give the same effect, though.

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  • I would say that the majority of living yus would be docile niceheads, the reason being that arrogant shitheads tend to think they can beat humans and get swiftly proven wrong.

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  • Rats are smart and run away from large scary things, so we have to rely on the dangerous and expensive poison. Yukkuri are dumb and challenge humans, so no poison required.

    The smart way to exterminate a family would be to kill a few kos, so the rest go in mommy's mouth. Then mommie and remaining kos, then the father who should be attampting revenge.

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  • It's a shame there isn't more puff-puff abuse like this. I'd love to take a Marisa that thinks its Puff Puff is the strongest and cut holes in its cheeks so the air will escape when it's trying to puff. Then start stomping its babies and it won't be able to defend them with a Puff Puff. Deibu will leave shitty Marisa that can't protect the little ones~

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  • I love the contrast here.

    Marisa and onee-san are going home with a Sui, food, and mister pants.

    Mawicha, Reimu, and mister mohawk are going home with a syringe, orange juice, and what looks like a lamp.

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  • So what I think is happening...

    The storekeeper wants this batch of kos to sell quickly or something like that, so he shows them a video of what he does to yukkuri that don't get sold - sends them to the factory to die horrifically.

    They all beg Mister Human to buy them up quickly. This leads to a Marisa getting bought by a kindle onee-chan, and a big sis Reimu and little sis Marisa getting bought by the god of all Mister Mohawks.

    Meanwhile the rest of them realize their fate is sealed.

    I wonder why they're not just doing Eat Up Easy, seems like it would be a quick death as opposed to what looked like severe torture at the factory.


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  • Just shut up and fuck off angelofdeath. If you don't like abuse then don't look at it.
    Your useless comments are annoying and I'm pretty sure they're rulebreaking too.

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  • Panel 1 and 2 are yu yuing
    Panel 3
    Easy days~
    Relaxing days~
    Refreshing days~
    Wefweshing days~
    Panel 4
    Mwommie! Mwommie!
    Yu? What is it little one?
    Panel 5
    Wub wub nanoje!
    Panel 6
    Reimu will rubrub too!
    Cute cute little one
    Panel 7
    -unsure, something to do with Reimu's happiness-
    Mawicha weally loves mwommie nanoje!
    Yufufu, Reimu loves little one too!
    Let's take it easy together forever and ever!
    The end.

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  • I am absolutely positive I've translated the third speech bubble in the bottom right panel wrong. I've got something rough going, but a proofread/check would probably improve it a thousandfold

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