One Yukkuri Place



That one got abandoned right after takumi introduced a twist as well, didn't it? Kind of a shame, but I can kind of understand. Twists are easy to think of, but weaving it into the story is a different beast altogether.

Which is why Friday butt spank Marisa is a masterpiece.

So... is this basically like the pool 'in the middle of the night, can't sleep' where takumi went off a tangent, overcomplicates the story, but this time just not bother wrapping it up?

The beginning was simple and quite interesting too, aww.

EasyV said:

Maybe something by m1?
Most of them are still untranslated, and while they are still leaning on the abyuse, it's a different kind than this one
Or pool #249 ...

I'll be honest and say I won't touch m1's works. That font makes my eyes bleed and enlarging them makes it worse.

And pool #249 doesn't interest me. (I know you already asked before, sorry ><)

Ahegao said:

Though if you have the time could you translate pool #1530 ?

Done by EasyV :D

Yuno said:

Great big easy thanks for the translation, and may lots of sweet-sweets be given upon you!
Maybe pool #1664 could be next? I hate it for being so dialogue heavy, but I guess there could be some nice storytelling there

A nicehead Marisa story! Interesting. And ironic, seeing as this pool is titled Marisa's Great Adventure featuring a shithead and that one is just... Marisa's Journey featuring a nicehead.

I like this, and the other story of Reimu as a chicken cracks me up.

EasyV said:

Unless I completely missed the meaning of the previous speech bubbles (hopefully not), more than abyuse loop it's about Miss that spoiled her yukkuri and now she's annoyed of her spoiled behaviour, so she goes on disciplining Patche

Kinda joking about the loop part. It isn't, but could very well be. Just depends on Patche is all. There's no canon limit on orange juice as a cure-all, right?

EasyV said:

The biggest thing I'm not sure about is that "choddai" Patche kept on saying
It's used for requests, according to the dictionary I use it's used in a "humble" way, but Patche uses it in a demanding tone as the "Sage of the Forest", and Miss wasn't happy about it, so I'm not 100% sure on what to use
I translated it as "give me" or "want", but I don't know

'Choudai' is similar to 'kudasai' as in 'please'. Only difference is 'kudasai' is more polite.

But in this case, you are correct that it has to be translated to something more annoying than 'please'. I don't think Patche is using it as 'please' anyway.

Expanding on your point, I would translate them as "want you to". For example when her hat was taken by miss: "want you to give it back", when she wants miss to open the bottle for her "want you to open it", when miss says to Patche to stop using 'choudai': "don't want you to say that". I think that works.

Oh oh oh! Groundhog abyuse loop! I wonder how many times this is going to repeat until Patchouli becomes totally servient.

This Patchouli wasn't that much of a shithead to begin with though. Kinda makes me feel bad. But then again, that tongue. Hhnnggghhhh.

Thanks for the translations. Want me to proofread and clean it up?

Oh wow, it is.

I'll go and experiment with this while proofreading. Probably need to re-adjust the boxes. Cool.

All done. As always, proofreading will come a bit later on.

That was definitely one incredible abyuse. I felt bad for Maricha in the beginning, but then the dialogue showed that she was utter shithead anyway so... (seriously, how she maintains that after being beaten left and right I have no idea. She finally got it in the end, but still.)

I haven't decided what to translate next. Though maybe something a bit light-hearted would be nice for a change. Any suggestions?

I still don't get the sentence on the third panel. Can't make any sense other than "just die quickly" at the end.

EasyV said:

Thank you very much
There are a few missing textboxes here and there, but aside for that, you did a great job

The neo yukkuri business is not different from generic shithead yukkuri expecting the world to bow down to them, just worded differently
Though I didn't expect that Marisa to be so bad to the point of eating other yukkuri because "Marisa is the chosen one"

Yeah, some are still missing because the grammars are kind of confusing. These yukkuri sometimes use the weirdest grammar and vocabs. Long sentences with no kanji and difficult grammars are the worst.

EasyV said:

Though I find strange your usage of "he"/"him" when referring to yukkuri
They're always referred to as female, mostly because they are based on Touhou, where there are like 3 males in the whole series, and they also talk using a female speech pattern

Honestly? It's because I was reading aglet's work on Momiji's backstory and aglet uses 彼 there so I translated that one using "he". And it stuck :p Completely forgot Touhou characters are all females.

I can change it to she when I finish proofreading this pool. No biggie.

EasyV said:

The neo yukkuri business is not different from generic shithead yukkuri expecting the world to bow down to them, just worded differently
Though I didn't expect that Marisa to be so bad to the point of eating other yukkuri because "Marisa is the chosen one"

That "your easy existence is to eat up easy for us neo yukkuri" is just brutal. Dayum.

Hitosura said:

I dunno if this is gonna be the end of it.

Remember, it was a huge gap between Aglet's last story (Mister/Chen/Dosu) and when Aglet started up again (Momiji/Aya).

I wouldn't mind more, I really love this whole series. But those five are all of the main characters in the series so to speak. Concluding the series here wouldn't be out of place. A new one would probably need a different premise.

Done and done, just a couple fixing left. I'll do that later.

Very enjoyable Aya's backstory. I quite like the idea of neo yukkuri, not many story touches on that level of god complex I think?

And apparently calling Aya 'boss' was something Alice thought of, though initially turned down by Aya. Well, not that Aya remembers who Alice is anymore, just that he has a duty to the forest.

So that's all five of the characters's stories (Mister, Aya, Chen, Momiji, and Dosu). I guess this is the conclusion of this series.

Next stop is pool #1499.

EasyV said:

It's anti-yukkuritis
"Non-" "yukkuri" "illness"

So obvious in hindsight XD

Though on the other hand, it's weird I didn't recognize it.. huh.

So what's the best way to translate 非ゆっくり症? I don't think I've seen this particular phrase before.

This makes me wonder. The premie has never had an accessory, so how did they all even recognize her? Are premies an exception to the rule?

And if she died without Marisa's hat, would she be recognized?

Yuno said:

Right now it's too complicated because of delivering the end and the beginning at the same time. I guess we just have to wait for the true finale.

Lol, no wonder the story's flow felt so disjointed.

All good, I'll hop onto the new shinmai okyasha's work while waiting for this pool to finish.

Ah. Honestly speaking I liked this story better back when it was only about Reimu becoming depressed because none of the kids looked like her and none loved her.

I just noticed that the pages providing justifications for Reimu's actions were actually uploaded a few days later.

I'm very very confused with this pool now.

Did takumi pretty much just retcon the whole story?