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Vorsch said:

Welp. I've read and re-read everything. Unfortunately, my conclusion is the grammars used for the goddess's philosophical talk are just beyond my level. I don't even get half of what she's saying.

I was just wondering what she is talking about. It seems really like what the author is trying to convey.

And big thanks to Mister Translator.

Actually I am a little bit confused. Because the story is not easy at all...

Though selfish, Marisa's sister is a good wife and she really care about Marisa. She droned her parents in the pond to make a deal with the demon and end up being eaten by Reminia.

Maria had a good family, after she thought that everyone has left her, she met with her love and felt felicitous being together. She worked hard but the pressure of living made them more and more distant.

She unconsciously droned her wife who saved her life and is fooled by her own sister who killed her parents. Then her new wife and children are taken away by the cruel nature.

Finally, without anything left to love, Marisa is once again desperate and this time without anyone to stop her.

I am confused because I cannot understand what values the author is trying to express. Since this sort is not like common stories depicting the helplessness of yukkuris.

I thought the author is trying to say that everything come with a price. But this is too shallow and does not fit in the context.

Note that the goddess is actually a demon in the traditional style that demand something in exchange.
Whoever made a deal with demon is not going to end well, this is the traditional theme. But this does not seems right either, for actually the goddess did not do anything too demanding or eval.

It is too much for a Yukkuri story.
It is too much for me.

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