One Yukkuri Place



buyt said:

Bullshit no.2!!


If the wing was that fragile? ... i suppose the window was stupidly broken too.


for god's sake she just a child

Ahegao said:

Lmao koyukkuri logic. Dwaddie got killed outside the our eajy place so lets escape to outside of our eajy place.

sometimes , the safest place is at outside , you just dont know that

Didact04 said:

Five bucks she's calling her mother trash because of her accessory damage and still expects to be taken in as a pet. Cuz y'know...stereotypes.

dammit , i lost my five bucks

Pun_Master said:

I wonder how many ko's died due to that ko-marisa shitting the bed all the time

ko-marisa did nothing wrong