One Yukkuri Place



Ahegao said:

Easy mister translations are here!

Lol little ones let mister humans be friends with them. Nobody asked them permission to be friends. And they certainly aren't taking it easy with little one's song (probably didn't even hear them). Even Mohawk-sensei seems triggered by the idea of being friends with yukkuri.

"Scum worse than Meirin" is probably referring to Meiling. So the next panel or two will probably be some flashback about this supposed scum Meiling. I never seen a scum meiling before so we'll see exactly how accurate this 'scum' label is. For all we know they could've had some other shithead children before who demands or steal meiling food only to die of chili pepper and blame meiling.

Just like "scum" are usually just accessoryless for yukkuri, the Meiling is probably just a Meiling that "can't take it easy".