One Yukkuri Place



In my opinion, this is Ryemi's mother.
Ryemiya finds this hat in the next image.
And in the last image, fate will repeated to she.

I tried translating as much as possible, but I am not native speaker and there would be many mistakes.
I would easy if you could check and fix it.

summary of novel

Kaiju "Tiga-Remirya" (parody of Tigrex from Monster Hunter) kills the yukkuri and breaks nature. People fear Tiga.
Tiga knows that mister humans hunted Remiryas. Tiga attacks the village.
Tiga calls out a group of beloved Remiryas and Frans. Tiga makes her own kingdom.
Tiga vandalized valuable forest, allowed looting to Remiryas, and annoyed with loud snoring and singing.
"Tiga Tiga Tiga Tiga-Remirya, Very Pretty Tiga-Remirya" (This song is a prody of Gake no Ue no Ponyo)
Frans are forced to coexist with stupid Remiryas.
One day, a "hunter" appears and fights back with the villagers.
Tiga is huge and can not reach the core. But humans captured Tiga with wire tighten if Tiga moves.
Humans attach a hearing aid to Tiga and conduct dialogue.
When Tiga could not move, angry Frans kill Remiryas. Tiga is taught that she is the cause.
Frans receives reward from mister humans. Tiga who loves Fran despaired.
At last Tiga lose sanity by listening to a parody song by lower yukkuri singing.
That song was a praised Tiga loved by Tiga, but it was being rewritten as a lyrics that overrides Tiga.
"Tiga Tiga Tiga Tiga-Damerya, she can't take eazy, Tiga-Damerya" (Damerya means scum remirya)
Tiga lost her will, she let cut her own meat little by little.
Every evening, that song is sung in the village.

I am sorry that my uneasy English.

summary of novel

This Remilya was a lazy yukkuri.
Remilya was ashamed of herself. Remilya evolved into a "Remilya-saurus" by a mischief of nature.
The evolved appearance of Remilyasaurus became respectful, and tributaries came to be sent.
An accident of injury occurs. Doubts about evolution. Still no problem with their lives.
One day, Remilyasaurus falls into a cave. A heavy Remilyasaurus with no wings can not return to the ground.
The evolved charisma of Remilyasaurus does not pass for the yukkuri to be eaten, and it escapes like old days.
The servant Remilya lives by the cave and feeds Remilyasaurus with hunting prey, but somehow prey decreases.
The servant will present her body to Remilyasaurus just before starvation, but it is overnutrition and Remilyasaurus suffers.
Remilyasaurus was ashamed of herself and die while repenting evolution.
The servant falls in despair knowing that she served just a lazy Remilya.
The yukkuris were observing the cave far enough, knowing that Remilya could not move. The servants were rich in prey if they did not stick to the cave.
The servant who knew it knocks over and hits the yukkuris. Both will die, they will be part of Remilyasaurus carcasses.

I am sorry that my uneasy English.

I summarized the novel

The group with upack was a vegetables bandit.
Upack does not understand its harm.
Humans Secretly let poison into harmless cargo to eradicate the yukkuris.
The yukkuris falls into suspicion and the most suspicious upack is attacked.
At last, a trap mixed with the cargo is activated and yukkuri-place becomes a fire.
Nobody knows whether upack was understanding the situation at the end.

I am sorry that my English is horrible.

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