One Yukkuri Place



The meme began with 'how to draw a horse/owl' I think. That being said, the basic Yukkuri does seem very approachable by the average guy. Though the advanded rage inducing ones take a lot more work.

Marisa dies, no one licks the mother, so she gets mold when she poo-poos.
Also, this description of watery diarrhea is pretty interesting, usually they just have starving yukkuris shit solid paste regardless.

Hitosura said:

How about the fact that that much mold sprang up in such a short amount of time?

Three days is quite a long time, and microorganisms grow crazy in warm-humid-sweet environments.

Would have much rather went out and died in the rain.

That being said, cancer+insanity vs drowning, which one is more painful?

Amazing, so the father died like 5 meters away from the house, and the kids didn't even realise.
I guess the mother was tall enough to see it and decided to eat up.

poweryoga said:

which is weird considering yukkuris have no bone structure, and really should look like an underfilled manju. Trying to humanize yukkuris too much has always been a weird direction.

They are dyhydrated as well due to lack of fresh food.
Dry paste is hard

MemelordSans said:

These manjus have really fast metabolism, a fat human can last 30 days easy provided there is water.
Whereas this family of 5, with a bit of stored food and extensive cannibalism still only lasted this long.

Babies grow fast, and demand food, I think the metabolism rate for babies is twice that of young adults in humans (per kg).
A human baby would not last 5 days without food.

techu said:

They stored so little food that they have to resort to eating shit only two weeks into winter? The parent yus might have died even if they DIDN'T decide to have kids. I love this kind of stupid, self-inflicted yukkuri drama.

The kids were born in September, and during that time, the time used to care for the koYukkuri could have been spent finding more food. Also, the kos would eat food that would have otherwise gone into storage.

Why did reimu vomit here? Poison?
Even if it contained some lets say Koreimu paste, I don't think yukkuris can tell it just from the taste alone without visual aid.

captperv said:

This author is getting to be my super favorite

Yeah the art is good, story is also pretty creative.
I can't help but notice the general massive increase in quality of anime-styled art over the years, is it due to digital tools?

How do predator types breed? With other predators maybe? Like Flan Remilia.
They would have big food needs that make winter difficult though, which limits their numbers even further.